Now Posts Product Ingredients Labels On Its Website and Urges All Acai Companies to Do The Same

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The company says in order to reap the benefits of acai berry, consumers need to select the most potent acai products by carefully reading the product labels. They say those labels should be posted on all websites offering acai products. publishes acai berry information on its website and operates an international online shopping store specializing in acai berry products.

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60 grams per bottle is a lot of acai making this product an excellent value.

The international nutritional products retailer is now posting the ingredients labels of their primary product recommendations on the company website. This is part of an effort to help consumers make better informed decisions when buying acai berry products. The firm is urging other acai companies to do the same. There has been a flood of new acai products advertised on the internet but very few of these companies disclose the ingredients contained in these products. According to, it is critical for consumers to read the ingredients label prior to purchasing products with acai berries product because otherwise they run a high risk of buying products that contain only small amounts of acai.

Company spokesperson Chaz Sanderson says "Just because the front of the product has the word acai on it does not mean the product has very much actual acai in it." He adds that when consumers are able to read the ingredients label on the back of the product and see how much acai is contained in the product, they will then be armed with the information necessary to make a good decision.

Sanderson also states that when consumers buy organic acai that is 100% pure with no additional ingredients whatsoever, the potential issue of acai berry side effects becomes virtually non-existent except in the rare case of someone with an allergy to these types of berries. Pure acai berry that is truly pure should be fruit in freeze dried or frozen form.

Sanderson says there are many excellent benefits to using acai but only if people are using authentic high potency acai products. He adds that when shopping on the internet shoppers should look for the product label on the company website. According to Chaz, "If a company does not display an ingredients label on their website then that should be considered a red flag and consumers should avoid that product." His favorite product is named 'Perfect Acai' and that product's label is displayed on the company website.

In the case of Perfect Acai, their ingredients label makes a great case for buying that product. The product Perfect Acai contains 120 capsules per bottle with each capsule containing 500 mg of organic freeze dried acai berry powder. That equates to a total of 60,000 mg per bottle of 60 grams. Sanderson says "60 grams per bottle is a lot of acai making this product an excellent value."

Spokesperson Sanderson says it is shocking to see how many of the most recognizable brands of acai that do not disclose how much acai is in their product and which additional ingredients are contained in their products. There is so much excitement and often hype surrounding this extraordinarily nutritious substance, that folks are unfortunately buying first and asking questions later. Regardless, the potential nutritional benefits are substantial but only when buying the highest quality products.

The company believes that an informed consumer makes a good customer so they have provided lots of information on their website so that consumers can obtain a lot of background quickly and easily to help them select the best products. They also have an entire section on their website called Acai Berry Products To Avoid which gives folks a quick lesson on how to avoid nutritionally inferior products.

The company has also been a leader in warning consumers to avoid the so-called free acai berry offers because they properly should be called free acai berry scam offers. These dubious offers have been all over the internet for the past few years and the company has consistently warned against them from the outset..

Mr. Sanderson says the company website has customers from every continent in the world because of the company's strict quality criteria for any product they recommend, which is discussed on the company website. He explains for most people the best form of acai to use is the freeze dried acai because of its purity, potency, price and ease of use.

There are a number of factors that impact the quality and nutritional value of acai, the fruit that has been called the Brazilian superberry. The organization has done a lot of investigative work researching products for consumers and it does an excellent job of sorting out the best acai products.

Consumers should be aware that the fruit is highly perishable and will start to quickly lose its nutritionally potency within 24 hours of harvesting unless it is freeze dried or frozen within this tight time frame. So it is important to know that the company supplying the freeze dried or frozen acai product has sufficient quality controls in place, so they can be certain that the berries that they are freezing or freeze-drying has been freshly picked. This is one of about half a dozen critical criteria that are discussed on the website and consumers should know this information when selecting an acai berry product.

Additional information about the company's product selections for products are available on the company website.

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