ActionCam Racer Package by PED Products Makes it Easier and More Affordable Than Ever to Create Racing Video with Data Overlay

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To go fast as a racecar driver there are many things a competitor can spend their money on; tires, motor, liter high performance parts etc, but for an amateur, it really boils down to seat time and making the most out of each on track session. Problem is, not everyone has their own race track and track time is not cheap! That's where video and data acquisition comes in.

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Viewing an in-car video is almost as good as having an on-track session

ActionCam Racer Package now makes it possible for the average grassroots racer to use in-car video and the tools that big budget racecar teams have and use.

Watching in-car video is almost as good as actually being on the track. It is a great training tool and performance enhancer and allows the driver to concentrate on driving when on the track rather than trying to remember what he or the car was doing at any particular instance. With in-car video, the driver can review the video after an on track session; maybe with a crew person, race engineer or driving coach, and critique all facets of the car's performance, the track and the driving technique. There are driving coaches that have made businesses around using such small video camera systems.

A racecar driver might come in after an on track session and say, "the car is not handling well in turn #3, it has terrible oversteer". The first question an engineer or driver coach would ask, is it on turn-in, mid corner or corner exit? The driver may not remember at all or remember correctly. While watching the video they are able to see without question, that it is mid-corner while trying to apply power. The individual also notices that the driver is also fighting the wheel in other corners, which he didn't remember, or in his mind just wasn't "that bad". With this information there is much that can be done; adjustments to the car, changes in driving technique or altering the driving line, etc. The next time the driver is on track he can try to implement some of the changes/recommendations.

The ultimate usage of in-car video is to overlay data. This is where information from the car; i.e. MPH, RPM, G-Force's, Lap times, Steering angle, throttle position, oil temp, water temp, etc. is merged with the video and displayed graphically on the video. With this approach the racer gets all the same benefits mentioned earlier, but now has even more info to further tune the car and/or driver.

A small example of how video with data overlay is more beneficial than just reviewing data after the fact on a computer is this: the data is being reviewed from two different on track sessions and it is seen that the top speed in one session is 4 mph faster than the other. They might spend a lot of time trying to figure out if the engine isn't performing or something else, but when reviewing the video with data overlay, it is seen that the speed increase was due to the draft effect of following another car. Question answered, no time wasted.

Another example can be seen by watching the video, pay attention to the sliding Red Bar and the number next to it. This is the G Force's of the car while turning. The faster the car goes through the corner, the higher the G Force. Note the G Forces when behind the Formula car, then once passed the Formula car. The G Forces go from around 1.5g's to over 2g's. This is the type of information that can be used to help a driver improve their laptimes. If it is known that the car is capable of that type of performance, then the driver has something to work on or shoot for. There are other situations where drivers are willing to share their video/data. If that driver/car combination is faster, then comparing their driving style, line, or the speed through corners or top speeds is vary valuable information. When analizing data overlayed onto video there is never any question about how or why something might be the way it is.

At the end of the day, a driver armed with these sort of tools will be improved and will have saved time and money. Look at it this way, the ActionCam Racer Package is just another tool in the Racer's tool box.

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