Global Ad Network, CPX Interactive, Leverages Objectivity/DB in Cutting-Edge adROIt™ Ad Management Platform

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Distributed, High-Performance, ‘NOSQL’ Database Delivers Unlimited Scalability and Flexibility

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Objectivity/DB delivers unlimited scalability and a distributed architecture, which is key to the adROIt™ platform’s functionality as the next generation of high performance, hyper-targeted ad serving technology.

Objectivity, Inc., a leader in distributed, scalable data management technologies, today announced that its flagship product Objectivity/DB has been selected and deployed by CPX Interactive in their advertisement management solution, adROIt™. CPX adROIt™ is a proprietary ad management platform designed to deliver true scalability and transparency to the interactive advertising landscape. Objectivity/DB enables adROIt™ to enhance CPX’s ability to leverage all the exchanges and publisher optimization platforms on the Internet while maintaining the highest levels of ROI for their clients. With the advent of the adROIt™ platform, CPX Interactive has transcended the limitations of working with other technologies to create a flexible solution for the optimization of interactive advertising.

Built on Objectivity/DB's highly scalable data management solution, the adROIt™ platform acts as a global inventory aggregator allowing CPX Interactive clients to access unlimited inventory, while allowing publishers the opportunity to monetize 100% of their available inventory. Through a series of customized plug-ins, the platform integrates data from third-party providers in real time, serving more than 30 billion impressions per month – which translates to more than 12,000 queries and database writes per second.

CPX Interactive ranks among the top players in advertising management in a space which also includes platforms built by notable names including Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft. In a market where milliseconds matter, CPX recently conducted an internal benchmark in which their adROIt™ platform performed up to 10 times faster than the other platforms.

Objectivity/DB provides flexibility and performance

After an exhaustive review of data technologies from other vendors, including Oracle, CPX Interactive selected Objectivity/DB as the data component for their high performance, highly scalable enterprise application. Objectivity/DB offers the flexibility and power they needed, including interoperable support for multiple operating systems and language bindings, in addition to highly efficient graph processing and relationship analytics capabilities. Objectivity’s patented technology also eliminates the need for performance-degrading object/relational (O/R) mapping layers, which are typically needed to translate real-world information and data objects into structured rows and columns that are more easily understood by traditional relational databases. Removing the O/R mapping layer yields much greater performance while also reducing application complexity, development time and administrative overhead.

Efficient processing of data also reduces hardware requirements and costs to customers. CPX Interactive realized significant cost savings, needing only 50% of the hardware they had originally anticipated. Other Objectivity customers also enjoy the ability to deploy on commodity hardware instead of high-end servers typically required by other data components.

“Objectivity/DB is the core data storage for our ad-serving platform, CPX adROIt™. It stores all of the data relevant to ad serving, targeting, and decisioning,” says Sid Fein, executive vice president of technology for CPX Interactive. “CPX could not build adROIt™ to the performance level it has, without Objectivity. The CPX adROIt™ platform is orders of magnitude faster than ad-serving platforms by major competitors. Objectivity is a major substantial technology that fuels those performance gains. Additionally, Objectivity is a true object oriented database that can scale to the data volume that CPX needs today and in the future.”

Objectivity/DB delivers distributed architecture and scalability

“CPX Interactive is a player in the hot, real-time web analytics/ad placement space and a major technology partner for Objectivity,” says Rich Shelley, vice president of worldwide sales for Objectivity, Inc. “They are among the top ad networking/server companies running thousands of advertising campaigns and performing billions of impressions globally. Objectivity/DB delivers unlimited scalability and a distributed architecture, which is key to the adROIt™ platform’s functionality as the next generation of high performance, hyper-targeted ad serving technology.”

The CPX Interactive online ad network is dedicated to optimizing revenue generation for both its advertisers and publishers. Advertisers leverage the network to receive optimized global reach at efficient dynamic pricing, while publishers realize the benefit of 100% inventory monetization. The ad network serves more than 30 billion global impressions to over 200 million unique users across more than 5,000 publisher websites every month.

CPX adROIt™ is the next generation of high performance, hyper-targeted ad serving technology

Offering all components of a successful online advertising campaign (data, targeting, reach and account management) under one virtual roof, CPX adROIt is much more than just another ad network. CPX Interactive strives to simplify the fragmented world of online advertising by delivering campaign elements and executions that deliver on what has always been the real promise of the industry: efficiency.

“CPX is another great example of how our technology can meet and exceed the most demanding requirements, which other technologies simply cannot.” says Thomas Krafft, director of marketing for Objectivity. “Objectivity opens the door to innovation, enabling high performance, reliability and virtually unlimited scalability in some of the most advanced systems.”

A note about Objectivity/DB

Objectivity/DB is a fully scalable, distributed processing architecture that manages localized, centralized or distributed databases by synthesizing large, complicated streams of data into a single logical view. The technology offers a unique and competitive advantage, providing enterprise-proven capabilities, enabling organizations to easily leverage and manage big data, in real time, in their mission critical analytic and intelligence applications.

About CPX Interactive

As a global online ad network with a state of the art proprietary ad management platform, CPX Interactive allows clients access to unlimited pools of online inventory while integrating customized suites of data points and providing total insight into both process and results.

CPX Interactive delivers more than 30 billion impressions to more than 200 million unique users in more than 60 countries every month, and was named the 6th fastest growing privately held advertising/marketing company in the US by Inc. Magazine in 2008.

About Objectivity, Inc.

Objectivity, Inc. is the leader in distributed, scalable data management technology. The company’s patented distributed data engine and persistent object store, Objectivity/DB, has been built and optimized for high performance, flexibility, virtually unlimited scalability and reliability.

Objectivity, Inc. is committed to their customers' success. The company has offices and representatives worldwide, and works directly with organizations, integrators and technical teams to recommend solutions and support options specifically tailored to clients' project and technical requirements. Please contact the company online or call (408) 992-7100 for more information.

Note to editors: Objectivity/DB is a trademark of Objectivity, Inc. All other company, organization, product or alliance names mentioned herein remain the property of their respective owners.

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