snap2eyes Tristitial Solves Ad Inventory Shortages While Reducing Ad Clutter; Can Now Integrate Creatives Based On Macromedia Flash

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The Tristitial multi-advertiser rich media ad format solves ad inventory shortages, reduces online ad clutter, and increases ad revenue and price flexibility. The enhanced Tristitial can now integrate creatives based on Macromedia Flash. Publishers and ad networks can offer a discounted CPM to advertisers sharing the same ad space and can thereby increase their aggregate ad revenue.

Online advertising company snap2eyes LLC ( has released an enhanced version of its Tristitial™ (pronounced “try-sti-shul”), the Internet’s first multi-advertiser, rich media ad format. The improved Tristitial allows publishers and ad networks to include multiple Flash-based creatives in the same distinctive ad format that simulates the rotating billboard of outdoor advertising (see:

The enhancements extend the many benefits of a GIF or JPEG-based Tristitial to a Tristitial that integrates Macromedia® Flash® creatives. Both the basic and the enhanced Tristitial solve ad inventory shortages, reduce online ad clutter, and increase ad revenue and price flexibility.

A multi-advertiser Tristitial can potentially triple the ad inventory of a publisher or ad network, thereby eliminating ad inventory supply problems that may occur year-round or during peak-demand periods when ad spots on a particular page would otherwise be sold out. Typically, an ad network or publisher responds to excess demand by increasing CPM until advertisers are priced out of the market. With the basic or enhanced Tristitial, however, the publisher or ad network can now earn much higher aggregate revenue with more affordable CPM increases on three times as many ad spots.

The improved multi-advertiser ad format also cleans up web pages that are crowded with too many ads by consolidating them into up to 66% fewer ad spaces on the page. Because the Tristitial allows a publisher to gather three creatives into a single ad space, the ad format makes it much easier to achieve a more content-focused and less ad-cluttered web page.

As a triple-creative ad unit, the Tristitial can increase the cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) ad revenue by enabling the publisher or ad network to collect a discounted CPM from three advertisers instead of a non-discounted CPM from a single advertiser. Tripling the number of advertisers paying CPM for the same (shared) impressions thus allows the publisher or ad network to employ more flexible pricing strategies that can substantially increase overall CPM ad revenue. For example, instead of charging one advertiser a CPM of $50 to display one creative, the publisher can charge three advertisers a discounted CPM of $25 each to appear in a Tristitial deployed to the same, shared ad space, and thereby earn $75 in total CPM ad revenue.

Because the Tristitial can display three ads that target very different Internet-users, the ad format can also substantially increase the odds that an Internet-user will click on one of the three creatives, leading to increased cost-per-click (CPC) ad revenue for a publisher or ad network.

With the latest enhancements, each animated creative in the Tristitial goes through four performance stages: a pre-animation static display, the animation itself, a post-animation static display, and the rotating “billboard transition” into the next creative. The publisher can customize the duration of the static display periods, as well as the entire performance time for each campaign creative. The image used for the static display periods (and in the rare instance of a download failure) can be either an advertiser-supplied alternate image or the final frame of the advertiser’s animated creative.

The publisher can configure the enhanced Tristitial to stop rotating from one creative to the next after a specified number of completed animation cycles and can determine on which of the three Flash-based creatives (or its corresponding static image) the Tristitial will stop. Regardless of the pause settings chosen by the publisher, the Internet-user can at any time manually stop (or restart) the animation by using the pause/resume control, which is always visible on the ad unit.

How does the enhanced Tristitial work? The ad unit integrates the static alternate image and encrypted URL of each animated creative. Once the first static creative is displayed, the Tristitial then downloads the three animated creatives while applying a cache defeat mechanism so that the impression count for each campaign is accurately tallied. Such run-time retrieval of the animated creatives ensures that each creative has its own impression-counting ad unit without any changes to any ad serving tags. Thus, the Tristitial can be deployed and each creative can be individually tracked using any existing ad serving platform.

By using cookies on the most trafficked pages and external serving tags on the other pages, the publisher can also configure the Tristitial automatically to alternate the order in which each of the three creatives appears, whenever a Tristitial is served multiple times to the same user, thereby providing all three advertisers with a more equal probability of appearing in the first (and most prominent) position of such Tristitial.

The intrinsic file size of a Tristitial is 25KB, and each creative can be up to 12KB large for the leaderboard ad unit (468x60 IMU), for a total maximum file size of 61KB. For other ad units each creative can be up to 20KB, for a total maximum file size of up to 85KB.

The enhanced Tristitial currently supports only non-interactive Flash creatives and is compatible with Macromedia® Flash® Player version 7 or higher. The Flash-based creatives should not exceed the rich media size guidelines set forth by the IAB.

Companies interested in creating a Tristitial, which is powered by the snap2eyes RMAF Platform, should use the “Contact Us” form on the snap2eyes website to inquire about the next steps.

About snap2eyes LLC:

Founded in June 2005, snap2eyes LLC is headquartered in New York City and develops proprietary, rich media technologies that lower costs for online advertisers and increase revenues for web publishers and ad networks. The company offers affordable internet marketing solutions that optimize the process and results of online advertising.

The technologies and business methods underlying the RMAF Platform and the Tristitial are patent pending. snap2eyes, RMAF, and Tristitial are trademarks of snap2eyes LLC. All other companies or products listed herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


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