Adaptive Digital Introduces Voice Engine / SIP Software Development Kits for VoIP Application Developers

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Adaptive Digital Technologies Simplifies Mobile Handset VoIP Application Development. Harness the Power of VoIP Engine: Voice Engine/SIP Software Development Kits for VoIP Application ARM®, iOS, and Android™ Developers.

iPVoice VoIP Engine/SIP demonstration application available at thr App store.

iPVoice VoIP Engine/SIP demo App: SIP and VoIP Test screens shown.

Adaptive Digital Technologies (Adaptive Digital) today announced the availability of VoIP Engine™/SIP Reference Kits which enable developers to create VoIP applications for Android, Android Tablet, iPhone©, iPod Touch©, iPad©, Windows™ and Windows based tablets without having to worry about the VoIP functionality.

In competitive world of mobile application development, there is enormous pressure to get the next major product to market quickly. Adaptive Digital’s VoIP Engine Development Kit ensures that there is no trade-off between speed-to-market and product quality. Adaptive Digital’s VoIP Engine™/SIP Reference Kits, include both a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) engine software development kit (SDK), and a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) SDK which can be used together to accelerate the development of cutting edge VoIP applications, while delivering the best user experience for mobile clients.

Implementing full-duplex voice and acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) on the mobile handsets is far more challenging than implementation on a desktop phone. Besides the acoustics being a challenge, the audio drivers have issues as well. Adaptive Digital’s customizable integrated solution, VoIP Engine, is a software framework that takes an audio stream and performs all the processing necessary to hand off an RTP packet to the network stack, and the same in the opposite direction. It is a data processing engine.

VoIP Engine SDK features acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, and automatic gain control (AGC) for voice quality enhancement (VQE), as well as speech compression (G.711, G.729AB, and G.722 and other optional codecs), RTP and Jitter Buffering.

Adaptive Digital’s SIP SDK provides a customizable solution to quickly add SIP based dial and receive phone calls features into software applications. It supports: registration, call initiation, call-acceptance, and call-teardown for VoIP telephones.

Exacerbating the problems of the competitive mobile market, there are inherent hurtles to overcome when developing and deploying applications to different mobile platforms. To alleviate the difficulty, Adaptive Digital provides several platform reference kits which can imported into the development environment to get a project up and running quickly.

VoIP Engine/SIP Reference Kits are available on the following platforms: iPVoice™ for iOS based devices, and AnVoice™ for ARM/Android based devices.

Reference Design Kits include:

iPVoice™ – VoIP/SIP Reference Kit for iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®

  •     SIP Phone Sample Project with source code (iOS)
  •     iPVoice SDK (includes time bombed iOS class library, header file and docs)
  •     SIP SDK (includes time bombed class library, header file and docs)
  •     SDK Quick Start Guide
  •     Developer Quick Start Guide

iPVoice demo app featuring SIP is currently available for free download at the App Store.

AnVoice™ – Android VoIP/SIP Reference Kit (Available June 1, 2013)

  •     SIP Phone Sample Project with source code (Android)
  •     AnVoice SDK (includes time bombed Android class library, header file and docs)
  •     SIP SDK (includes time bombed class library, header file and docs)
  •     SDK Quick Start Guide
  •     Developer Quick Start Guide

By using Adaptive Digital’s VoIP Engine/SIP Reference Kits development of SIP compliant voice applications is accelerated. Either add VoIP features to an existing application project or create a fully customized SIP application. The sample SIP Phone app (included) is a fully functioning SIP phone. The app can be configured to connect to a standard SIP server. The sample SIP Phone app is also configured to place outgoing phone calls as well as receive inbound phone calls. Furthermore, Adaptive Digital’s VoIP Engine/SIP Reference Kit supports peer to peer VoIP for applications that do not require SIP, opening the door to many new applications.

The VoIP Engine/SIP Reference Kit API is clean and simple to use. In fact, developing a VoIP enabled app is as easy as customizing one of the sample SIP Phone apps, which are provided by Adaptive Digital in source code format as part of the SDK.

Included in the Reference Kit is G.722, a wideband compression algorithm, passing 7 kHz of audio bandwidth rather than the 4 kHz that is carried by wired phones and cell phones. The result is crystal clear voice, the likes of which is impossible in the public switched telephone network.

Software Features
SIP Phone Application

  •     SIP Client Protocol
  •     RTP/Jitter Buffer
  •     SRTP
  •     Voice Conferencing (up to 4 users)
  •     G.711 mu-law and a-law with packet loss concealment
  •     G.729A 8 kbps speech compression
  •     G.722 16 kbps speech compression
  •     Noise Reduction
  •     Enhanced Acoustic Echo Cancellation – Operates on most Android handsets without customization/tuning.
  •     Automatic Gain Control
  •     Tone Generation
  •     Tone Relay Transmit
  •     Peer to Peer Operation
  •     Fully Configurable via GUI

Test Features

  •     Tone transmit
  •     Tone receive
  •     CSS transmit
  •     CSS receive
  •     Acoustic Delay Measurement

Available for iPhone Now! Download Adaptive Digital’s sample iPVoice app onto two or more phones.

iPVoice Demo Application is currently available for free Download at the App Store -

Contact Adaptive Digital Technologies for the complete kit.

Q2 2013! AnVoice™: Android VoIP/SIP Reference Kit

Platforms in development! Contact Adaptive Digital for more details 610-825-0182

  •     Sitara VoIP/SIP Reference Kit – TI Sitara™ ARM Cortex™-A8 & ARM9™ Processors
  •     Linux VoIP/SIP Reference Kit
  •     PC/Windows VoIP/SIP Reference Kit

About VoIP Engine
VoIP Engine is a framework that bundles together many algorithms such as conferencing, vocoders, noise reduction, echo cancellation, etc. required in a VoIP application. Although VoIP Engine is more integrated than an algorithm, it is still not an application. It is a data processing engine. VoIP Engine has no interface to drivers or peripherals and performs processing solely at the request of the host application. This makes VoIP engine portable for use in conjunction with any application or operating system.

VoIP Engine is more than just a collection of algorithms packaged in a library. It connects them together. For example, in a PCM to Packet configuration, VoIP Engine is fed a PCM stream by an application. It processes the PCM through echo cancellation, noise reduction, AGC, speech compression, RTP, etc. and it returns a complete RTP packet to the application. Similarly, in the opposite direction, the application feeds VoIP Engine with an RTP packet and VoIP Engine returns PCM samples.

VoIP Engine is intended use is in VoIP enabled handsets or desktop phones. Although VoIP Engine is not tied to any particular software environment, it was designed with Android™, iPhone™ Windows, and Linux in mind.

About Adaptive Digital Technologies
Adaptive Digital Technologies is a leading global provider of fully optimized echo cancellation, voice compression, voice quality, audio & video algorithms, and both DSP chips & turnkey solutions for both IP and traditional telecommunications systems / applications, and VoIP for mobile digital devices (including both Android [ , and iPhone [ architecture).

Adaptive Digital’s solutions support a low-cost product development model with short time-to-market.
For more information concerning Adaptive Digital Technologies, visit or contact sales at 610-825-0182 x120

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