Web Site Promotion - When A Word Is Not Just A Word

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Words drive the Internet and web site promotion - The new word-site trend has added a new twist to the valuable and popular keyword- text links. Staying on top of new web site promotion techniques, tools and services is critical to the success of an Internet business, but will a sponsored text link do anything for your website?

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Words drive the Internet and web site promotion. The new word-site trend has added a new twist to the valuable and popular keyword-targeted text links and web site marketing in general. But will a sponsored text link do anything for your website?

Last year it seemed everyone was talking about those pixel ads. If you don't remember, it went something like this - one smart guy figured he'd break a single page down into 1 million pixels and sell them off for a dollar a piece.

While this was a fun and novel approach to web site promotion - not to mention very lucrative for the site's owner - after the initial buzz quieted down and the press stopped driving traffic to the site, there wasn't much benefit remaining for those advertisers. Those hundreds of tiny square images were confusing to look at too.

Enter the new web site promotion strategy known as Word-Sites. Instead of linked images, word sites allow you to claim words that link directly to your website.

One great example is 525words.com - http://www.525words.com - This site lists 525 keywords, each of which can be instantly claimed online. If you don't find a word you want, the site also allows you to suggest a word you'd like for yourself. You can choose how your word link looks too. Color, size, style and rollover text can all be selected when claiming a word. There are also new word sites coming online that focus on niche markets.

Do These Word Links Work?

They can work very well if managed properly. When choosing a word site for your advertising and promotion needs, look for the following:

1. The site and service should be managed by someone with a good mailing list and strong daily traffic on their main site(s). This will help the new word site to get off to a good start and maintain steady web traffic.

2. The site should be indexed by the major search engines. A good webmaster will have the know-how and resources to drive the search engine spiders to their word site quickly.

3. Check the webmaster's other sites. Most word sites are run by webmasters with a number of other websites to their credit. Check out a few of those sites. See what kinds of back links they have, check that they have a decent Page Rank, etc. If they've done a good job with their other sites, chances are that they'll do a good job promoting their word-site too. For example, http://www.525words.com is part of a larger network of sites that work in concert to keep Internet traffic flowing to the web site and the sponsored links.

Are Word Links Cost-Effective?

They can be very cost-effective. Not only will you likely receive a good deal of curiosity traffic due to the novelty of these sites, and as these are word links, you may also find many other traffic benefits as the site ages.

With most word-links costing in the range of $50 - $100, this can really be a great deal. Especially when you consider how much that traffic would cost from most pay-per-click sites. For example, if you currently pay just an average of 50 cents per click from a PPC site, $100 bucks would bring you 200 clicks. Whereas your $100 word-link will likely bring you considerably more Internet traffic over time and that traffic will keep coming in as long as the word site remains active.

A Word Site of Your Own?

Most people will be content just owning a few keywords on a word-site, while others will like the idea and want to start their own unique word site service. There is now software available that will allow anyone to run their own word link site. The price tag is not cheap (about $900), but the revenue that can be generated from a successful word site is impressive. One recent 500 word site boasted over $50,000 in revenue within about two-weeks! That same software is now available to anyone with an idea and a fat enough wallet to get started. You can find more information on this software here: http://www.bbiworld.com/wordsites

For a working example, visit the growing 525words.com website: http://www.525words.com

For more on this trend and web site promotion, visit BBI: http://www.bbiworld.com


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