Leading Non 12 Step Addiction Treatment Center And Addiction Medicine Expert Leads Campaign To Keep Addiction Treatment And Religion Separate

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Pioneer Of Non 12- Step Addiction Treatment Model Dr. Mohammad Differentiates Between Proper Treatment And Self-Help In Upcoming Town Hall Series

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Dr. Mohammad leads campaign to keep addiction treatment and religion separate.

Dr. Akikur Mohammad, Founder of Inspire Malibu, recognized by many as the top addiction treatment center in Malibu, California and Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California, announced today that his team at Inspire Malibu is launching an awareness campaign and town hall series designed to educate the public and medical professionals about the dangers of mixing church, state and proper addiction treatment.

Dr. Mohammad said, “While there is a very necessary place for the 12-step model in recovery, it is absolutely not a critical piece of the initial treatment blueprint and if it weren’t for many years of deceptive marketing, there would be many more treatment centers willing to be honest with patients and families about the fact that the 12-step model isn’t the best option for everyone. The fact remains that 12-step is not proper treatment, but an adjunct to treatment. Furthermore, there are countless effective self-help options that fill the psycho-social component, 12-step is not the only option and shouldn’t be presented as such.” Mohammad added, “We are seeing an uncomfortably high number of patients coming from other facilities that simply wanted to treat their disease with proper medicine, not focus on their relationship with religion. When patients are being prescribed dogma instead of proven medical practices, they are often disillusioned, misled and open to a higher rate of relapse.”

Inspire Malibu’s team implores the recovery community at-large to respect the California State Department of Corrections Monumental ruling that individuals cannot be mandated to attend religious-based treatment programs. Mohammad added, “The reason why it's critical to provide a non faith based option for treatment is to protect an individual’s constitutional rights, which state that religion shall not be forced upon them. Not everyone has a belief in God or in religion and ideally, a treatment center should offer both a 12-step based program and an alternative non 12-step program so the patient can make the best choice for them as individuals. Without the option, how can any facility truly claim to provide individualized treatment? With the rate of relapse growing daily, it is mission critical for the recovery community to focus on treating the disease first and if a medical expert is not part of the initial treatment, proper care is not being given.”

For more information about Dr. Akikur Mohammad, addiction treatment and Inspire Malibu’s next town hall event, visit Inspire Malibu at http://www.inspiremalibu.com/

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