Rehab Centers Take Issue with Media's Portrayal of Revolving Door Celebrities

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Celebrities are doing it -- some successful, some not. Rehab success is due to attitude, programs offered and patience. The media make drug rehab appear to be unsuccessful as it relates to popular entertainment icons. This negatively effects the likelihood of potential patients entering into programs.

The recent mischaracterization of Drug Rehab Centers as revolving door facilities prompts Florida treatment center CARE FLORIDA to distance itself from the rock-star agenda. Many recovery centers, when attended devotedly and vigilantly, can help with every kind of addiction problem out there. From drug and alcohol detox to help with gambling and eating disorders, these centers have programs to help with any addiction. However, the media make drug rehab appear to be unsuccessful as it relates to popular entertainment icons. This negatively effects the likelihood of potential patients entering into programs.

Addiction to mind-altering substances can lead to other devastating circumstances. Take, for example, a situation like Britney Spears' recent troubles. Losing custody of one's children due to problems with drug abuse and alcohol abuse can be as devastating as the addiction itself -- it can also further the addiction by nudging the addict towards a means to escape. However, drug rehab and recovery is the answer and the solution, not escape.

A recent drug and alcohol abuse study done by the U.S. Government showed that people who attend an addiction rehabilitation program and stay in a drug and alcohol recovery program, will be more successful in their recovery than those who don't. Many detox and recovery centers also offer fantastic relapse prevention programs.

A drug and alcohol rehab center with proven results and successful relapse prevention programs is the best route for people with an addiction. Research and the center should help the addicted person decide which of the detoxification programs offers the things that are most important to him or her. Depending on the program that is chosen, amenities such as the freedom to smoke in designated areas, use of a laptop computer or cell phone, watching/listening to DVDs or CDs should be considered.

Celebrity attitudes like Ms. Spears', leaving rehab early or not showing up entirely, make rehab seem like a place to be avoided and jail time is acceptable over recovery. That is certainly not true. In fact, careful research should be done to avoid the patient giving up too soon. A facility that is singular in its programs and drug and alcohol detox success rates and will help families stay together. It is the center's mission to see that the people who enter rehab/detox programs find success with their battle against addiction and realize triumph. They aim not only help the addicted person, but they should want to help the entire family. CARE is actively trying to promote success stories to counter the media's constant portrayal of rehab as a waste of time and is urging other centers to do so as well. CARE also calls on tabloids to discontinue the sensational coverage of celebrity tragedies and make a conscious effort to celebrate successful recoveries. It will save lives.

C.A.R.E. Addiction Recovery Center is all about Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Education. Because addictions affect the mind, body and spirit, CARE utilizes a philosophy that is based on a holistic mind, body, and spirit approach. Our professional addiction treatment team combines the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous, traditional counseling and the healing arts of Modern and Alternative Medicine. At CARE you will be able to heal your body and mind, one day at a time, in a supportive community. At CARE we teach people to enjoy life without mind-altering substances and recover from addiction in a gentle, patient environment.

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