Therapeutic Relaxation Music Helps Addicts Recover

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Recovering Addicts can now dramatically reduce stress with therapeutic relaxation music. G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment Program has recently implemented the use of therapeutic relaxation music in their treatment of recovering addicts. Addicts now have the opportunity to learn how to effectively reduce stress and improve their recovery efforts.

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Relapse is a constant problem for individuals suffering from alcohol and drug dependency. The majority of addicts, approximately 70 to 90%, who go into treatment will relapse within the first year after they complete a traditional recovery oriented program. The relapse rate of those going through a detox program alone is even higher. While treatment programming is definitely necessary, additional resources are needed to continue to support a person in their recovery, especially with respect to stress reduction.    

G & G Holistic has recently implemented a new and innovative approach to reducing the relapse rates of addicts. In addition to combining holistic and traditional treatment techniques, G & G Holistic is now utilizing the power of therapeutic relaxation music to improve recovery efforts of those suffering from dependency issues. This new component of Holistic's program assists clients in learning how to reduce stress by listening to the therapeutic relaxation music provided to them while in the addiction treatment program. As a result of effectively utilizing the therapeutic relaxation music clients also create the possibility of learning and retaining more of the recovery process that they are being taught while in treatment. According to Dr. Henshaw we learn more effectively if we are relaxed and attentive.                

The development of the therapeutic relaxation project at G & G Holistic was created by Dr. Harry Henshaw, a licensed psychotherapist. In addition to being one of the senior psychotherapists at the treatment center, Dr. Henshaw is also a musician. Originally created for his practice of hypnosis, Dr. Henshaw has developed a variety of therapeutic relaxation musical compositions uniquely designed for reducing stress, improving sleep and enhancing a person's self esteem. According to Dr. Henshaw, therapeutic relaxation music can definitely assist a person in recovery.    

According to Dr. Henshaw, music can be a very powerful and effective way of helping a person to learn how to relax and as a result reduce and better manage stress. The music that Dr. Henshaw has created utilizes specially designed musical compositions combined with theta and delta binaural audio tones to produce a very deep state of relaxation. Through consistent use of the therapeutic music a person can learn how to reduce stress on command. As mentioned above, if a client is relaxed, he will better able to learn about the addiction recovery process that is being taught at the treatment center.

Dr. Henshaw's music is also used at G & G Holistic to assist clients in the program to sleep more effectively. Some of the musical compositions that Dr. Henshaw created were developed to help clients relax in the evening hours and as a result experience a more peaceful sleep. The therapeutic relaxation music created by Dr Henshaw is also played at the residential treatment center in the evening hours before bedtime.

Dr Henshaw has also utilized his therapeutic relaxation music to enhance a client's self esteem. The self esteem CDs that clients have access to while at the program, combine the therapeutic relaxation music and binaural audio tones with positive affirmations. With repeated use the positive affirmation process improves self esteem and as a result produces better motivation for a person's recovery process and program.

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