Unchained Brilliance--The Stimulus Effect's Customized Tutoring Guides ADHD Students to 45% Achievement Gains During Fall 2012

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Often, they can hardly focus. They have irrepressible energy. They see things in a different way. These need not be drawbacks for ADHD students. Despite different modes of learning, The Stimulus Effect shows these students can excel.

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The Stimulus Effect has guided students with ADHD to increase achievement levels by 45%.

Trying, exhausting, sometimes even aggravating...But there's always a chance to inspire. Some of my best ideas have come from working with students with ADHD.

A lesson about fractions somehow transitioned into a rendition of 2 Chainz's "Count it Up." Exercises on parts of speech involved just as much running around as writing (verbs are action words after all). And, a student took a journal segment as an opportunity to do an interpretive dance. Were these obstacles? Far from it. The Stimulus Effect's tutors used these moments to help students with ADHD increase achievement levels by 45% since September.

The unexpected moments have led tutors to devise customized approaches that will better spur achievement. "Trying, exhausting, sometimes, even aggravating..." said Amanda, a Stimulus Effect tutor. "But, there's always a chance to inspire. Who knew that one of the best ways to teach multiplication was through a relay race? Some of my best ideas have come from working with students with ADHD." Kai, a Stimulus Effect student, had similar experiences. " It was an exercise about balancing equations and it was hard to focus. But, when the tutor made it a puzzle, where I had to 'race against time' to plug in the right numbers, I got in it. I still remember what I learned."

Apparently, these approaches have been working. Though Stimulus Effect students with ADHD have raised their achievement levels--across math, English, and science--overall by an average of 45%, some of the largest gains--in some cases, over 50%--have been within the middle-school and high-school cohorts, who conventionally struggle with school the most. With a greater focus on tailored test-prep services and authentic assessments, The Stimulus Effect's students are poised to make even more progress.

So, here's how The Stimulus Effect has been guiding students with ADHD to achievement:

  • Making lessons "mobile" allowing students to move around while exploring even

fundamental concepts

  • Giving students the chance to direct their learning by creating their own exercises and

presenting concepts

  • Assigning student-centered projects that allow them to explore unique interests, while

reinforcing cornerstone goals and objectives

  • Offering incentives for concentration and high performance
  • Consistently letting students know that their thinking is an asset, not a limitation

"Somebody gets it finally," said Marlie, another Stimulus Effect student. "They try to bring it to the student's level, and build from that in the sessions. Before it was about passing, and now it's about getting an A." It's evident that The Stimulus Effect's focus is creating nurturing, responsive learning environments that foster academic excellence while supporting student development.

"The shift has to be from what is 'wrong' to what is 'right,'" says Arziki Phenyo, The Stimulus Effect's founder. "Those with ADHD are often remarkably intelligent, endowed with unique creativity and a breakthrough perspective. It can be the right brain at its best. The key is harnessing that dynamic energy toward high performance. We try to do that every day." Maybe, with The Stimulus Effect's help, ADHD won't be another four-letter word.

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