Camp Expands Just When Kids Need Them The Most; Budget Cuts and Electronics Lead Kids to a Lazy Life

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The youth of today is becoming lazy and suffering from a lack of outside fun. They spend more time sitting in front of electronics than ever. We need to get our kids outside and into nature weather its going to an adventure camp or joining a sport team. While many schools are cutting after schools programs and other camps are closing down, Long Lake Camp is expanding.

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After camp my relationship with my son improved exponentially, he was more social and excited to do new things(mother of a camper attending Long Lake Adventure Camp).

In an age of 900 TV channels, 1,000’s of video games and millions of websites our children are chained to screens and monitors. Many say personal depression increases in direct proportion to web-time and video games make teens more aggressive, anti-social and can lower academic achievement. Increasing evidence shows the enormous benefits of nature on children’s psychological and physiological well being; it reduces stress and improves concentration and creativity. Our kids need to get outside and socialize. Summer camps, after school programs and sport teams are a great start. Lee Farrelly, director of Long Lake Adventure Camp says some of his campers show up to camp uncomfortable socializing with others, tightly wound and easily frustrated. After a full day of fun and adventure they are happy, surrounded by new friends and relaxed. Long Lake Camp For The Arts has bin around since 1963 and is now expanding and starting a new adventure program. This new program will get kids excited about nature and interested in more than video games, surfing the web and TV. Time spent outside enjoying nature enables children to learn more effectively, improves a child’s ability to concentrate and may reduce ADHD symptoms significantly.

This exantion couldn't come at a better time with the slashing of after school and summer programs from school and the huge number of camps that are closing down. What are kids to do with fewer and fewer places to go but stay home with their electonics. Aside from the decline in academic performance and the psychological effects, so much time spent playing video games, watching TV and surfing the net can have major physical effects. Some studies show a whopping 32% of today’s youth are overweight ( partly as a result of so much time spent sitting around in front of a screen. Kids who spend more time playing outside are much less likely to be obese or overweight. Many kids get early signs of tendinitis and carpel tunnel syndrome, in some cases skeletal problems, high blood pressure and increased heart rates have resulted. The benefits of outdoor play are endless. It helps kids live healthier lives, build social skills and forge healthy relationships; it makes them more adventurous and independent. “After camp my relationship with my son improved exponentially, he was more social and excited to do new things. At home he spent most of his time in his room but at camp he hiked to the top of a mountain, played sports, went water skiing and mountain biking and had the best time of his life,” The parent of a 12-year old boy attending Long Lake Adventure Camp

Long Lake Adventure Camp is a summer program for boys and girls 8 to 16 in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. Campers are surrounded by nature and embark on different adventures every single day. From mountain climbing to white water rafting to a ropes course high up in the trees our campers have a summer they will never forget. Everyday there is something new awaiting them inclding trips to amusment parks, all kinds of sports, kayak trips, hikes, paintball games etc. The expantion of the camp felt like the right thing to do says Lee Farrelly (director) Kids programs are being cancelled left and right and they dont deserve to suffer because of budget cuts.


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