Advertising Blender Reveals the Main Advantages of Working with a Small Advertising or PR Agency

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Have you ever wondered what the benefits are to working with a small advertising or public relations agency? Advertising Blender, a blog hosted by Minneapolis advertising agency, Del Monte Agency, discusses the advantages to doing business with small agencies versus large, corporate agencies.

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We all know the advantages of working with a large, well-known advertising agency. They've got almost unlimited resources, brilliant personnel, the best that money and talent can provide. They can take any vision, any goal, which you might have for your next campaign and make it a reality. Sure, they've got it all, and can deliver almost everything and anything you want. But they have their faults, their problems and their disadvantages, too. And that’s where a smaller, more intimate advertising agency can perhaps serve you better. Del Monte Agency, through its blog called Advertising Blender, examines the top 4 advantages of working with a small advertising agency.

1.)    Personal attention – With a large agency, you may never know just who is handling your account. Or your account may be in the hands of a “team” that changes more frequently than Great Aunt Martha’s TV channel when her two favorite programs are on at the same time. A small advertising agency, by necessity, has fewer people, and therefore, you should be able to either meet every member of their team, or get to know the real-live person in charge of your account. You’ll be more than just another client in a small agency. You’ll be their client, and you’ll be treated with the personal attention and care that you deserve. Whereas a big agency may try to convince you that they know what’s best for your small business, as a small business themselves, the smaller agency may actually know. And they’re more willing to listen to what you have to say, because egos don’t have to get in the way.

2.)    Budgets – Most big companies charge big bucks, typically by the hour. By comparison, smaller firms tend to charge less for the same services, and charge a flat rate. If you yourself are a small firm, going with a small advertising agency may be just the thing. Not only will you receive a more personal experience, but you’ll receive it for a better price.

3.)    Innovation – Smaller agencies may be better able and more eager to adopt new strategies and technologies. The big dogs tend to get a bit set in their ways, or can’t implement something until everyone has been properly trained and in-serviced. A smaller firm doesn’t have that challenge. Many smaller firms also stay on top of new trends and technologies specifically to have an edge over the larger firms. If they can offer it to their clients before the big firm can, they get that automatic leg up on the competition. Small firms may also be more willing to try more innovative ideas than big ones, simply for the attention a success can bring.

4.)    Needs – A small agency needs you and your business, or someone is going to go hungry. Because of this, your needs are more likely to be met and even exceeded. When you are simply one of a hundred or more clients, your needs are on the back burner, if they’re in the kitchen at all. Big firms often have more clients than they can handle, and this comes at a cost to someone somewhere. A small, independent operator needs you and sees that your needs are number one on his priority list. Big firms can promise that sort of thing, but they can rarely deliver it.

Small businesses are better off sticking with smaller advertising and PR firms. We’re all in this together, and smaller advertising agencies have things to offer those big guys can’t.

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Del Monte Agency is a privately owned full-service Minneapolis advertising agency. Our agency’s approach is built on the belief that consumers are not passive; a new proprietary service we call “Non Advertising.” By developing strategic relationships, our new Non Advertising concept encourages entrepreneurs and business leaders to bring their visions to the forefront of our cutting edge advertising methodologies that deliver upon prosperity.

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