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Share Article funeral and finance advice column remarks about the sometimes devastating but other times comforting connection between social media and a person that has passed away, and offers advice for those either on the receiving or the giving end of the news.

It’s very unsettling, finding out about the death of a friend on Facebook. I was notified shortly after with a phone call, but the initial shock and confusion is very disturbing. funeral and finance advice column today released their observations about the odd link between those that have passed and their active social media profiles. offered advice for friends and family members debating whether to make a death announcement via Facebook, as well as giving guidance to those who might have found out about the death of a friend through social media. Funeral Financials felt this would be a particular interest to people in the AARP age group as they often have family and friends who are passing on.

A staff member of recently had the experience of finding out about the and death of a friend through Facebook, and was inspired to write an article offering support and guidance for people in the same boat.’s Senior staff writer is quoted as saying, “It’s very unsettling, finding out about the death of a friend on Facebook. I was notified shortly after with a phone call, but the initial shock and confusion is very disturbing. What I hope people will understand though is that social media profiles like Facebook serve as a way for family and friends to hold onto dear memories of a loved on after they are gone. It certainly makes it feel like they are still here, reading our posts, and it’s also a great way for people to express their love and show support to the family.”

According to an article written by Frida Ghitis published in CNN on June 3rd 2013, she writes from experience that it can be an enormous comfort to have an online community to share grieving, condolences, memories, and love for a shared deceased friend. Ghitis is quoted as saying, “Hundreds and hundreds of people have poured out their emotions in that electronic community. At times, it feels as real, as close, as if we were standing in the same room. In some respects, we are closer. Online, people express themselves with a special openness. They don't have to wait their turn to speak, and the ones with small voices or introverted personalities can convey big, profound, touching emotions. Online we can develop a kind of intimacy that eluded us in the non-virtual world. On social media, we can share… big and small parts of our life, without worrying that others are too busy or simply not interested in hearing it.” recommends that those on the receiving end of this type of news call a close friend or family member of the deceased, to express condolences on the phone and get details about the service. The funeral advice column believes it is a nice gesture to leave loving and supportive notes on the person’s Facebook wall, if the profile is still active (family members can opt to have it deactivated,) however advises against posting tacky things such as the cause of death or posting if the family has asked not do so before more people have been notified.

To the family of a deceased loved one, advises waiting to post to social media before informing all close friends and family members of the deceased. is quoted as saying, “The last way that a truly close friend or family member wants to find out that type of news is on a social media website. If you are the one making the phone calls and notifying people of a death, it’s a good idea to ask them to refrain from posting the news to social media until you do. With any luck, it should guarantee that really close friends and family don’t have to find out that way, and buy you some time to reach out to those people with a personal phone call.”

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