Google AdWords Management Increases Advertisers’ Return Rate By Up To 200%

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Webrageous explains how Google AdWords management by its expert Google AdWords managers doubles advertisers’ return rate over those who choose not to outsource management.

Continued Conversion Increase with Webrageous

“As is evident by the results listed above, those advertisers who outsourced Google AdWords management to Webrageous succeeded in every way over those who chose to go it alone,” Mr. Chapman said.

In a study conducted by pay per click management firm Webrageous, it has found that advertisers who choose expert Google AdWords management experience a 200% increase in their return rate over those who don’t.

The research backs up Webrageous’ long-held belief that advertisers who outsource Google AdWords management to experienced and qualified professionals are much more likely to achieve success than those who take on management of their campaigns themselves.

Webrageous’ Director of Marketing David Chapman said the evidence could not be clearer that receiving expert help in managing Google AdWords campaigns is definitely the way to go.

“These Google AdWords management professionals are highly trained in Google AdWords and make it their mission to find the best ways to achieve success through the online advertising medium,” Mr. Chapman said. “You can’t ask for more than that when looking to increase your reach through Google AdWords.”

The study conducted by Webrageous examined clients who had been receiving Google AdWords management from Webrageous for at least a year compared with new clients who had been handling the management of their own Google AdWords campaigns for at least a year.

The study found that those advertisers who had outsourced Google AdWords management to Webrageous had return rates 200% greater than their counterparts who hadn’t outsourced Google AdWords management at all.

“The results couldn’t be clearer. Outsourcing Google AdWords management not online increases advertising return rates but it also takes away the burden of constantly monitoring and managing their Google AdWords campaigns, allowing advertisers to focus on other parts of their business,” Mr. Chapman said.

“Of course, it is important to highlight that the group of advertisers outsourcing Google AdWords management were outsourcing management to Google AdWords professionals who are fully qualified in Google AdWords, hold marketing degrees or higher, and are highly experienced. The same results could not be expected to be seen in a study of advertisers outsourcing Google AdWords management to inexperienced and unqualified pay per click managers.”

Other interesting results of the study include:

1. The advertisers in Group A (who outsourced Google AdWords management) reported more success in other parts of their businesses, such as direct sales and customer relations, than Group B (those who managed their own Google AdWords campaigns). This is no doubt a result of the extra time they had to spend on their business once they outsourced Google AdWords.

2. Group A had more time to invest in link baiting and social networking, which also contributed to greater success in their businesses. Group B’s success in these areas was somewhat limited.

3. Group A had fewer issues with click fraud than Group B and when click fraud did arise it had much less of an effect on Group A’s Google AdWords campaigns. When looking back over Group B’s statistics, Webrageous found possible incidents of click fraud that these advertisers had been unaware of.

4. Group A received more conversions through campaigns that were highly focused and targeted to their specific clientele. Group B had a much higher rate of clicks that did not result into conversions.

5. Group A took full advantage of Google AdWords tools and were seen to be using more new Google AdWords features than Group B.

6. Group A had a much higher awareness of what could get them banned or suspended from Google AdWords while many Group B members were not well informed of the rules and regulations.

7. Group A had so much success with their campaigns that many were already looking at launching new campaigns or new accounts or running similar campaigns in different languages. This was partly to do with Webrageous’ Google AdWords managers being bilingual in English and Spanish.

8. Some of the Group B advertisers reported significant failures, some of which had almost led to their Google AdWords campaign being abandoned. None of the advertisers in Group A had significant failures in their campaigns.

9. All of Group B had sought help from Webrageous or another Google AdWords management company due to failing campaigns.

“As is evident by the results listed above, those advertisers who outsourced Google AdWords management to Webrageous succeeded in every way over those who chose to go it alone,” Mr. Chapman said. “This just goes to show that seeking expert help on Google AdWords is not only the wisest choice, it is the only choice for advertisers serious about succeeding online.”

For more information about the results of the study or on Google AdWords management, contact David Chapman for an interview at 530-553-111 or visit the company website:

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