Evolutionary Design of Figure 8 Calendar Realigns Time with the Earth's Season

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A revolutionary recycling of the calendar provides visualization for the evolution of time. Aeon Figure 8 Calendar is a redesign of time. Time gets a make over as the calendar is reformed as the Figure 8, symbol for time and infinity. Aeon Figure 8 Calendar recycles the year to its pre-catholic origins with the New Year beginning with the Spring, reclaiming the natural rhythm of seasonal Earth time from 417 years of subjugation by Roman Catholic Church time (Gregorian Calendar).

AEON Figure 8 Calendars Revolutionary Redesign of Time

Aeon Figure 8 Calendar offers a revolutionary evolution in the representation of time. By dissolving the static blocks of days and months into a seamless flow chart Figure 8 Calendars provide a lyrical right-brain approach to the visualization of time.

The figure 8 symbol (OO) has long been associated with time and infinity. First credited with introducing the symbol OO was John Wallis in 1655. It is said that predating this was the association with an hourglass inverted 90 degrees as the source of the OO symbol for infinity.

Until now, no one had thought to put the two together, a calendar with the figure 8 symbol of time and infinity. The Aeon Figure 8 Calendar is a new invention (patent pending) of Jon Aeon, an artist residing in Santa Monica, California. His intention in creating the Figure 8 Calendar is to provide a symbolic visualization for the evolution of time, to give birth to the vision of reestablishing the alignment of the planetary population with Earth Time.

Jon Aeon states in his mission statement, "For the past four hundred and seventeen years the calendar of the west has been under the control of the Roman Catholic Church, our lives set to a format of time that is out of sync with natural order of our planetary and personal biorhythms. It's time to reclaim the calendar from Roman rule, to reset time, the beginning of the year and our lives to be in alignment with the natural order of Earth time, to rejoin with the many millions of people in cultures worldwide who still celebrate the beginning of the New Year in the Spring."

The transition from the old calendar format to the new is a simple one as the months, the dates and days of the week in the Aeon Figure 8 Calendar corresponds to those of the Gregorian.

For the inaugural release, Jon Aeon made a selections of images with the theme of recycling time. He chose photos from his various portfolios of photography to provide images for these innovative calendars. The April 2009 - April 2010 editions of the Aeon Figure 8 Calendars include the Ferris Wheel Edition, Carnival in Venice Edition, Moonlight Edition and Recycling Time Edition. All are available for preview and order at http://www.aeon.com.

Aeon Figure 8 Calendars are published by Environmental Arts, a 501c3 arts and education corporation. Aeon Figure 8 Calendar concept, design, featured art and photography are the creation of Jon Aeon, all rights reserved, ©2009 Aeon. Patents are pending for the Aeon Figure 8 Calendar, with applications in development for print media, computers, mobile phones and touch screen technologies. To remain informed of the new developments and to preview and order Aeon Figure 8 Calendars, visit the website at http://www.aeon.com.

In the Figure 8 Calendar, New Years Day is liberated from a wintry exile imposed by the Roman Catholic Church and welcomed to return to its origin on the first day of spring. Until four hundred years ago the first day of spring was celebrated as the beginning of the New Year. Then the Roman Catholic Church sacrificed the seasonal year and its celebrations. The Gregorian Calendar shifted the beginning of the year back three months, overlaid religious holidays upon the seasonal celebrations, and played a shell game with time until the sense of living in sync with the seasons was erased and forgotten. It is time to reclaim time from Roman rule.


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