Elevision Network™ is Pre-Launched by Frank Maguire, Gary W. Goldstein, and Chris Hutcherson of The Elevision Network™

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During the Pre-Launch, The Elevision Network is seeking Master Affiliates, membership organizations, JV portals, or organizations with large sales forces to become the early adopters of the Elevision Network technology and Internet Marketing Training System. What is the Elevision Network? The Elevision Network is Internet TV that takes you to a higher level is the message of three Elevision Network executives with world class credentials. Frank Maguire, Chairman of the Board, is a founding member of Federal Express. Gary W. Goldstein, Vice Chairman of the Board, is a world renouned movie producer. Chris Hutcherson, CEO and Founder is known for his fundraising of over $200,000,000 for schools and children.

Frank Maguire, Gary W. Goldstein, and Chris Hutcherson have managed to formulate a business model built around Internet Television technology. The Elevision Network business model is an Internet Affiliate or independent sale leader's dream come true. It includes $7,000,000 of video on demand Internet content that can be used for motivation and training purposes. It has possibly the best Internet Affiliate and Mastermind training material every devised based on the Elevision Network Master Affiliate Referral system. Elevision Network is branded as a generic support mechanism for assisting literally any person to improve their skills in many areas.

"Pre-launch is here" states Frank Maguire, Gary W. Goldstein, and Chris Hutcherson of The Elevision Network. These three along with several other world-class executives intend to create the world's largest Internet Television station combined with a university affiliate training program. In other words, at Elevision Network, we teach anyone in an existing business how to market on the Internet. We then build an ongoing support mechanism for them through our generically branded television shows and channels on The Elevision Network.

These shows are all presented by the world's greatest speakers, teachers, mentors, and subject experts. Pre-launch of The Elevision Network will feature 30 of these speakers in an introduction to something that Frank Maguire, Gary W. Goldstein and Chris Hutcherson refer to as the Internet Television in a Box. Master Affiliates and sales leaders are able to offer this subscription program to early adopters during the pre-launch. Each week, more and more shows and content will continually be added to the television network until full launch of the Elevision Network led by Frank Maguire, Gary W. Goldstein and Chris Hutcherson in early Q1 of 2009.

Frank Maguire, Gary W. Goldstein and Chris Hutcherson report that at full launch, there will be over up to 100 speakers and up to 300 shows.

Frank Maguire, Gary W. Goldstein, and Chris Hutcherson will be using the advantage of a best in class Internet Protocol Television distribution platform call IPTV. This is combined with The Elevision Network ability to create continual content in a $5.5 million star wars like robotic studio with virtual sets. These specialized Internet TV and Video programs are delivered 24-7 online to any IP address around the world. The Elevision Network is designed to take new and existing video programming and convert it into high-quality, entertaining, educational and compelling video in a huge array of niche content channels.

The Elevision Network is mentored by Vice Chairman of the Board Gary W. Goldstein who is a distinguished Hollywood author, philanthropist, and celebrated producer. He is President of The Gary W. Goldstein Company, a film and television Production Company based in Los Angeles. Gary W. Goldstein has been instrumental in the success of many of Hollywood's biggest box-office hits. His films have generated over a billion dollars in worldwide revenue, and received numerous Academy Award nominations, People's Choice Awards, a Golden Globe and various other awards and nominations.

The skills Gary W. Goldstein, the Vice Chairman of Elevision Network were brought to bear in climbing the ladder from newcomer to up-and-comer to mega-success in his business can be used to empower any business or career path - and Gary W. Goldstein has proven this many times over. It is the Gary W. Goldstein passion for film, media and technology that has empowered him to capably and consistently reinvent and energize other people's messages, products and businesses.

Chris Hutcherson knows the value of having Chairman of the Board Frank Maguire, a founding member of Federal Express. Frank Maguire, the revered Chairman of the Board of Elevision Network is a speaker, motivator, teacher, innovator, and storyteller. Frank Maguire is one of the most celebrated business gurus of our time. Frank Maguire is a multi-cultural, primetime tour-de-force of head-to-heart energy and inspiration -- sharing with thousands his valuable lessons in leadership, corporate strategizing and success empowerment…the simple, compelling secrets of truly successful business greats. Frank Maguire worked for two U.S. Presidents and was on the committees that founded both project Head Start and the Special Olympics. Frank Maguire has also had executive experience at ABC Radio, American Airlines, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Chris Hutcherson, CEO is recognized as one of the nation's preeminent experts in the cutting-edge disciplines of multiple-channel debit card e-commerce, fundraising and merchant and consumer loyalty. Chris Hutcherson is considered a visionary and business development expert. Chris Hutcherson is a combination of relentless work ethic and determined passion.

Frank Maguire, Gary W. Goldstein and Chris Hutcherson would like to hear from portals, organizations with large sales forces, membership organizations, Master Affiliates and Super Affiliates who have lists of larger than 5,000 people.

To contact the Elevision Network go to http://www.elevisionnetwork.com and fill out the information and we will send you an early look at how Master affiliates can become involved. All who take the early look will receive an invitation on launch day.

Chris Hutcherson, CEO can be reached at chutcherson at elevisionnetwork dot com.


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