The Elevision Network™ LLC and Chris Hutcherson Announce AffiliateU, an Internet Training System Being Paired with Compelling Internet Television Technology

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Chris Hutcherson, CEO of The Elevision Network, announced that the Company has created possibly the most comprehensive Internet Marketing Training program ever devised. Affiliate U will become the marketing arm of The Elevision Network - ( The Elevision Network with its CEO Chris Hutcherson is beginning discussions with Super Affiliates, organizations with large sales forces, membership organizations, and JV portals to become the early adopters of The Elevision Network technology. The business model is an independent sale leader's or experienced Affiliate's ideal platform. IMPORTANT NOTE: "The power of what is pre-launching is the combination of four revenue models wrapped around Internet Television" quoted Chris Hutcherson, CEO. The four pronged model includes 1. Subscription model to Internet Television Content 2. Ecommerce model selling downloadable media 3. Internet Training model designed to help any existing person or business 4. A Full blown social media network wrapped inside an interactive Internet Television Social Network

TV that takes you to a higher level

"The Elevision Network is an Internet Television Platform that includes $7,000,000 of video on demand Internet content that can be used for motivation, training and personal development purposes," announced Chris Hutcherson, CEO. In addition, AffiliateU provides possibly the most useful Internet Affiliate Marketing and Mastermind training course ever devised. This massive content consists of multiple videos and hundreds of pages of Internet Marketing Training. It is based on The Elevision Network Master Affiliate Referral system. The Elevision Network is branded as a generic multi-media support mechanism for assisting literally any person to improve their skills in many areas.

"Our Pre-launch has arrived," states Chris Hutcherson, CEO of The Elevision Network LLC. Several world-class executives have joined the company and intend to create the world's largest Internet Television station and AffiliateU Training Program. These executives include Chris Hutcherson, Founder and CEO, who is known as a fundraiser of over $200,000,000 for children and schools. Gary W. Goldstein, Vice Chairman of the Board, is a world renowned movie producer. Frank Maguire, Chairman of the Board, is a founding member of Federal Express.

So what is the product? "The product is a broadcast quality subscription based Internet Television Network called The Elevision Network," says Chris Hutcherson, CEO and Founder. The network is designed to be "TV that takes you to a higher level"™ says Chris Hutcherson. For about half the price of a good cafe latte, you can go to The Elevision Network every day and feed your mind with the teachings of the greatest mentors on the planet. The Elevision Network will start with 80 Speakers and 12 Internet Television channels including Sales and Marketing, Internet Marketing, Leadership, Health and Wellness, Women, Entrepreneurship and Wealth, Relationships and Communication, Network Marketing, Spirituality, Personal Development, Travel, and Real Estate. When built out, The Elevision Network will include a robust 40 channels including Social Networking, Green, Crowd Sourcing, Blogging, Social Media, Sports, Fitness, Men's Issues, Investment and Finance, Parenting, Teens, Children, Fundraising, and many more. "Top Internet Marketers and other large sales organizations will see that this is a BIG BUSINESS MODEL that can support and nurture any individual or business," states Chris Hutcherson, CEO of The Elevision Network.

The Internet Television shows on The Elevision Network are all presented by the world's greatest speakers, teachers, mentors, and subject experts. Pre-launch of The Elevision Network will feature AffiliateU plus 30 of these speakers in something that Chris Hutcherson, Frank Maguire, and Gary W. Goldstein refer to as the Internet TV in a Box. Master Affiliates and sales leaders are able to offer this subscription program to early adopters during the pre-launch. Each week, more and more shows and content will continually be added to the television network until full launch of The Elevision Network led by Chris Hutcherson, Frank Maguire, and Gary W. Goldstein in January of 2009.

"In the meantime, AffiliateU provides this incredible curriculum for Super Affiliates, Master Affiliates, and Affiliates," states Chris Hutcherson, CEO. "In other words, at The Elevision Network and AffiliateU, we can provide training tools to anyone in an existing business on how to market on the Internet. We then teach them how to continue to increase their level of expertise though our generically branded television channels and shows as part of The Elevision Network," says Chris Hutcherson.

Through training tools and rich content, The Elevision Network and AffiliateU, intends to be the number one resource on the Internet for Affiliates to learn skill sets in what we call NEW Internet Marketing. Chris Hutcherson believes that they will not only improve their existing business skill sets, but will potentially meet like-minded people through our unique training system that will be part of the combined Elevision Network and AffiliateU offerings. Built into the model will be blogging, networking, social media, mastermind techniques and much more. This will all be supported by a world class management team put together by The Elevision Network LLC and its top executives Chris Hutcherson, Frank Maguire, and Gary W. Goldstein.

When asked about the breadth and depth of AffiliateU, Gary W. Goldstein, Vice-Chairman of the Board and Executive Producer of User Generated Content, responded "the breadth and depth of The Elevision Network's offerings within its Affiliate University is literally unparalleled. Aggregated into a seamless and content-rich roadmap, AffiliateU delivers in laser fashion the smartest, state-of-the-art strategies to quickly identify, position and grow your affiliate business vis-à-vis forums, mastery of the blogosphere, twitter, SEO and Adwords, list building and social community, and more. Finally, the most current marketing and fast-growth tools are gathered in one place, explained with precision for instant use-ability and maximum utility."

"Elevision Network is designed to take existing and new video content and convert it into high-quality, educational, entertaining video of the highest quality in a huge array of niche content channels," states Chris Hutcherson. These specialized Internet Television and Video programs called The Elevision Network are delivered online to any Internet address in the world. The entire model is built on top of a multi-million dollar state-of-the art Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) distribution platform as well as a $5.5 million studio and network control center equipped with robotic cameras and virtual set technology.

For financial inquiries, email childhero1 at hotmail dot com.

For general questions, call 949-328-0130.

For SERIOUS PEOPLE with large lists or organizations, email Chris Hutcherson, CEO at chucherson at elevisionnetwork dot com or call 801-755-9749. Response time will be 24 to 48 hours.

To review the front end Affiliate Sales process for AffiliateU, go to and fill in your email information to begin the process.

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