Tips on How to Avoid Bail Bond in Miami Scams: Wright & Wright Miami Bail Bonds Agency Launches New Website that Features Tips, Vital Information, Statutes, & Regulations

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Wright & Wright Bail Bonds’ new website provides Need-to-Know Information and Tips on How to Avoid Bail Bond Scams with new, easy access to Lists of Essential Questions to Ask a Prospective Bail Bond Agency, and Rules, Regulations, Statutes, and other necessary information one should know before hiring a Bail Bondsman. Scams and threats only continue to thrive, grow, and spread in today’s ever-advancing society, with “fraudsters” advancing just as quickly, many of whom include Bail Bondsmen as well. Due to these increasing risks, one must be wary of which Bail Bond in Broward and/or bail bond in Miami Agencies to choose, because unfortunately some bail bond agents are no different than these malicious “scammers” and may attempt to manipulate prospective clients; so how does one know which Broward or Miami Bail Bonds Agency to trust? With their new and improved website, Wright & Wright Bail Bonds can now more easily answer essential questions, offer accurate assistance 24/7, provide vital information and important facts, and provide the proficient and trustworthy services one needs for a successful, scam-free bail bond process.

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Wright & Wright Bail Bonds - Bail Bonds Scams – 7-31-12 – This reputable Broward and Miami Bail Bonds Agency has been deemed one of the most trusted, most used, and most proficient Bail Bonds Agencies in both Broward and Miami Dade Counties and has received this stellar status due to their proficiency and their experienced, highly qualified, and highly skilled team of experts. Wright & Wright Bail Bonds adheres to every Florida Statute, ensuring that every step is followed correctly and precisely, and one can certainly trust them to provide all the pertinent information and needed in order to complete a bail bond in Miami or Broward process safely, properly, efficiently, effectively, affordably, and quickly, and can most certainly trust their useful and reliable list of important essential “Tips on How to Avoid a Bail Bond Scam.” Extensively trained professionals at Wright & Wright Bail Bonds are available 24/7 to answer all questions and to provide accurate critical information to those in need of bail bond assistance.

Some facts people should be knowledgeable of before hiring a Miami Bail Bonds Agency:

  • A legitimate Bail Bond Agent should possess and present a State-Issued Identification Card
  • A licensed Bail Bond Agent shall always provide a Receipt containing the Agency’s Name, Address, and Phone number, along with the Agent’s Signature and Identification Number
  • No Discounts or Reduced Rates may be offered, as this is illegal
  • A Bail Bond Agency cannot charge less than 10% of the bail for state bonds

When searching for the right Bail Bond Agency, one must also be aware of certain Laws and Statutes.

For example, according to Florida Statute 648.44 (2) Prohibitions; penalty – A list of people who may not be Bail Bond Agents and/or directly or indirectly benefit from the execution of any Bail Bond consists of but is not limited to the following:

  • Police Officers or Employees of any Police Department or any Law Enforcement Agency
  • Committing Trial Court Judges
  • Employees of a Court or Employees of the Clerk of any Court
  • Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs
  • Employees of any Sheriff’s Department
  • Persons employed in any Jail
  • Attorneys

To avoid being scammed when seeking bail bond assistance, one must also be equipped with a list of crucial questions to ask a prospective Bail Bondsman such as:

  • Are you a licensed Bail Bond Agent?
  • How long have you been a licensed Bail Bond Agent?
  • Has your license ever been suspended and/or restricted, and if so, why?
  • When was your Agency founded?
  • Have any clients sued you in the last year, and if so, please elaborate.
  • How many homes did you start foreclosure on last year?
  • Are you willing to put into writing all the particular payment plan terms?
  • Will you itemize all your expenses on bond forfeiture?
  • Will you revoke the defendant’s bond if not forfeited and under what circumstances?
  • Will you list any reporting requirements or other conditions of bail?

When dealing with a situation as serious and important as this, one must be certain that they obtain assistance from legitimate and appropriate sources and not fall victim to manipulators who will attempt to take advantage of clients. Wright & Wright Bail Bonds provides safe, proper, and trustworthy assistance and services, along with proof of legality, client testimonials, and other evidence of their proficiency and success rates, and listed above are just some of the questions, facts, and tips one should prepare and be aware of when searching for a reliable and proficient Bail Bond Agency.

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