Wright Line Launches Total Aisle Containment

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Manufacturing Leader Provides Flexibility with Hot Aisle/ Cold Aisle Containment Solutions to Improve Airflow Management in the Data Center -----Data Center World 2009 - Booth 620

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Every data center has unique issues of concern. We don't advocate one solution over another. Rather, we work with data center professionals to audit current operations and then develop a comprehensive airflow management strategy that makes the most sense for that facility

Wright Line, the manufacturing leader for technology-intensive environments, today launched a suite of solutions for total aisle containment, including both hot aisle and cold aisle containment approaches. The suite includes the company's Heat Containment System (HCS), as well as end-of-row doors, end-of-row curtains and aisle containment ceilings.

Used separately, these solutions can mitigate misdirected air flow and decrease energy costs. Used in combination, as a total containment solution, they can closely match energy consumption (supply) with demand, maximize airflow dynamics, reduce energy costs and optimize data center operations.

Today's Data Center
With the level of equipment density continually increasing in today's data centers, ever-larger amounts of heat are created, greatly impeding a data center's efficiency, optimization and energy management. Some manufacturers offer cold aisle solutions, others just heat containment solutions. Wright Line has created a series of solutions featuring modular, building-block designs which can address hot aisle or cold aisle environments. Each of these solutions can be used separately or in combination.

"Every data center has unique issues of concern. We don't advocate one solution over another. Rather, we work with data center professionals to audit current operations and then develop a comprehensive airflow management strategy that makes the most sense for that facility," said Carl Cottuli, Wright Line's Vice President of Product Development and Services. "The solution may be heat containment at the rack level, hot aisle containment or cold aisle containment. It might also be a combination of more than one of these approaches -- depending on the layout of the data center. Whatever the need is, Wright Line has the expertise, the flexibility and the capacity to work with individual managers, not only to provide them with a customized solution, but also to assist them in the stages leading up to total aisle containment for improved data center operations and reduced energy costs."

Wright Line's suite of heat containment and aisle containment solutions include:

Heat Containment System
Wright Line's patent pending Heat Containment System (HCS) offers a simple, scalable and low cost solution that contains and directs the heat exhaust from IT equipment through a chimney attached to the top rear of the data center enclosure. The hot air is ducted to existing CRAC units through a plenum ceiling or high air return. The system can cool up to 25kW or more per enclosure without the expense of adding supplemental CRAC units to the data center.
For more information about Wright Line's HCS, click here, or visit http://www.wrightline.com/products/viewproducts.html?category=23&subcategory=23&product=151

End-of-Row Doors
As much as 60% of the cool air supplied to traditional data centers is wasted. This air
bypasses the intended IT equipment and returns to the hot air intake of the air conditioning system. Wright Line's End-of- Row-Doors can increase the efficiency of cold aisles by blocking obvious cold-air escape routes and preventing the entry of re-circulating hot air.

The End-of- Row-Doors method is a rack-neutral solution. It can decrease wasted air that escapes around the end of the aisle. End-of- Row-Doors can be used in combination with aisle containment ceilings to achieve total aisle containment.

For more information about Wright Line's End of Row Doors, click here, or visit

End-of-Row Curtains
End-of-Row-Curtains provide partial containment of air flow. Although, less efficient than end-of-row doors, at a minimum they partially contain air within the aisle, which increases the life of IT equipment and decreases rising energy costs.

Creating proper aisle isolation in the data center, End-of-Row Curtains can be developed in vinyl and non-vinyl materials, including Polysim 509, a low, outgasing, static-dissipative polyurethane that meets ASTM and NFPA fire-retardant requirements.

The curtains can be installed at the rack level with an aisle containment ceiling or from floor to room ceiling (see below) for total aisle containment. They can also be installed without a ceiling.

Click here for more information about Wright Line's End-of -Row Curtains, or visit http://www.wrightline.com/products/end_of_row_curtains.html?category=23&subcategory=23

Aisle Containment Ceilings
In conjunction with End-of- Row-Doors or End-of -Row-Curtains, the Aisle Containment Ceiling is typically used to complete Wright Line's total aisle containment solution. Modularly crafted in V-0-rated Lexan® and cut to size, the ceiling panels can be mounted to the top of Paramount, Vantage S2 and other third-party enclosures.

The Aisle Containment Ceiling features tool-less brackets for easy panel removal, cleaning, maintenance and cable management access, In addition, its panels and brackets are adjustable to manage inconsistencies in aisle formation. For more about Wright Line's Aisle Containment Ceilings, click here, or visit http://www.wrightline.com/products/aisle-containment-ceiling.html?category=23&subcategory=23

For a conversation about customized cold or hot aisle containment solutions for your data center, contact Wright Line at 800.225.7584 or by email at pr(at)wrightline(dot)com.

About Wright Line
Wright Line, a global leader in the design and manufacture of environmentally-friendly/green airflow management systems and ergonomic consoles, enclosures, office and technical furniture for technology-intensive environments, has been serving the data center, office, call center, analytical and electronic laboratory and high-tech manufacturing environments for 75 years. The company is headquartered in Worcester, MA and can be contacted by email at info@wrightline.com or by phone, 800.225.7348.

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