Major Airsoft Vendor Takes a Shot at Hollywood

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Airsoft Megastore, one of the nation’s largest airsoft vendors located in Southern California has partnered with major movie producers in an effort to bring airsoft guns to the silver screen.

If you don’t need a firing weapon, there is really no substitute for price or the look.

When you think of an action movie, images of muscle bound heroes, fast car chases and high powered weapons come to mind. Over the years, guns have become highly synonymous with action movies. From the M60 machine gun carried by Sylvester Stallone in Rambo to the iconic M16 assault rifle wielded by Al Pacino in Scarface, guns have become an integral part of this increasingly popular movie genre. In the past, many of these guns were actual firearms or costly prop reproductions. However, in an attempt to reduce overall costs and improve safety, many film producers are now looking towards the airsoft industry for a solution.

Airsoft Megastore, one of the nation’s largest suppliers of airsoft replica firearms is at the forefront of this push. Based in Southern California, Airsoft Megastore has been providing replica firearms to numerous movie producers over the last several years. Most recently, ‘The Losers’ featured many props that were purchased at the Airsoft Megastore. The new Jeffrey Dean Morgan movie ‘The Courier’ will also feature an assortment of the Airsoft Megastore’s guns as well.

With over 8 years of combined experience in replica weapons and tactical gear, the Airsoft Megastore’s Movie/TV Production Sales Specialists can provide considerable insight into production prop needs and considerations. Airsoft Megastore also provides an excellent production props sales program which is ideal for small independent films to high budget blockbusters.

Major benefits of the Airsoft Megastore’s Production Props Sales Program include:

  •      Additional production/props sales discount on top of already guaranteed low prices
  •      A dedicated Production Sales Specialist
  •      Comprehensive product and order support
  •      Custom-build weapons and gear packages
  •      Access to the Airsoft Megastore’s multi-million dollar inventory with a vast selection of high quality production approved airsoft gear and products

Company Profile
Airsoft Megastore, the fastest growing airsoft retailer in the nation is dedicated to providing you with the best service and airsoft products available. Airsoft Megastore offers a full line up of airsoft guns, airsoft sniper rifles, gear and accessories that are affordable, yet highly durable and powerful. The Airsoft Megastore corporate culture is committed to providing the highest quality airsoft products at the lowest possible prices and they back that claim with a 125% lowest price guarantee.

Supporting Quotes
“Airsoft guns are an ideal investment for prop masters and production executives alike, as Airsoft guns are much more realistic than many of the rubberized prop guns currently being used, and are a much more cost-effective and safer alternative to blank-firing guns. In that sense, we’re the leading provider of Airsoft prop guns for production use due to our extremely wide selection and our unbeatable prices.” - Mike Zhang, CEO of Airsoft Megastore

“I have an extremely beneficial relationship working with Mike Zhang of Airsoft Megastore in getting the right prop guns at the right price for my projects. The guns look great on camera, and are extremely realistic on every level.” - Montgomery “Monty” Hom, Military and Tactical product placement Specialist for Film/TV productions.

“If you don’t need a firing weapon, there is really no substitute for price or the look”. In the end, its all about the look in Hollywood. - Montgomery “Monty” Hom, Military and Tactical product placement Specialist for Film/TV productions.

This was the case recently in HBO’s True Blood series where at end of the season, Hom worked with the prop master to develop a unique look for the “Vampire Tactical Squad”. All 12 operators carried authentic looking KAC PDWS. Monty asserts that “Those dudes looked bitchin!”

Hom is also the Hollywood ambassador handling all placements for Knights Armament Company and works with technical advisors and other production heads to help bring forth an authentic, contemporary high speed look. Most of these placements are designed to bring out a more unique Special Ops type feel. Real warfighter gear, authentic uniforms and accessories help define a cool look for characters in the production. The airsoft guns are like a topping on a cake Hom says. “I don’t do M&M’s, but I can do a Knight’s PDW submachine gun”.

Hom and Zhang go back a ways with their relationship. Zhang was key in supplying much needed airsoft models for the production of WB’s “The Losers”. Hom was in Puerto Rico prepping a difficult show without much local support. “Mike really saved our butts on this one”. Many of the airsoft weapons which served as “non-firing” units were used by all the leads in the film. With many current shows operating on tighter budgets, airsoft guns will be playing larger roles on screen as they continue to be utilized in more projects.


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