Aerospace Engineer’s Sci-Fi Novel Reveals Potential Real-life Discovery

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Science lovers and those who crave new conceptual theories will be glued to the pages of the new Sci-fi novel “Jack Jacobs and the Doomsday Time Machine.”

Author Albert S. Abraham’s new Sci-fi novel, “Jack Jacobs and the Doomsday Time Machine” (ISBN 097697441X) is an amazing futuristic time-travel adventure, the likes we have never seen before. Don’t miss the first book in the intriguing new series that is redefining concepts of time travel and the possible origins of the universe.

Dr. Jack Jacobs, the brilliant lead scientist on a top-secret government spacecraft, and Carbon-60 based organic supercomputer Jennifer, are about to undergo a fantastic voyage through time and space. Secretly incorporating an advanced technology into the ships main gravity drive, Jacobs takes the spacecraft on a clandestine test run to examine the new devices. But when something goes catastrophically wrong, Jacobs and Jennifer disappear into the far reaches of the universe. Finally locating the Milky Way sixteen years later, they return to Earth and find the planet is now 100 years in the past.

Jacobs and Jennifer are forced to solve what happened and return home, outwitting detection by the government. Was it a malfunction of their spaceship’s quantum gravity propulsion system? They can’t be sure, and nonetheless, the clock is ticking. According to their ship’s computer, the time disparity is related to an event inside another galaxy, a galaxy the computer says Jack Jacobs discovered, yet, he has no recollection of ever visiting. Jacobs’s directs the ship towards the mysterious galaxy in search of answers. If he and Jennifer are to survive, they must figure out what really happened, even if that means going where no one has ever gone before.

Albert Abraham, an aerospace engineer, has been inspired by “ahead of the times” discoveries of Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Niels Bohr, Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla to mention a few. Abraham reveals his own new number theory in “Jack Jacobs and the Doomsday Time Machine” including its accompanying mathematics which he strongly believes will lead to “faster than light” discoveries in the future. Adding to the allure of the story, these new theories along with established scientific discoveries, proves winning mix for this intelligent, highly entertaining creative masterpiece.

“Jack Jacobs and the Doomsday Time Machine” takes readers on a journey of unrelenting proportion, with rollercoaster adventure and mind-bending discoveries in universal grand design. Space and time will never look the same!

Albert Abraham was born and still resides in Kansas. In 1981, he received a B.S. in Engineering at Wichita State University, and has since worked in the field of aerospace engineering. This one-time college ping-pong champion now encompasses his time studying many different fields of science, taking them into new realms of thought and understanding. “Jack Jacobs and the Doomsday Time Machine” (ISBN 097697441X) is his first novel, and can be purchased at online bookstores or


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