Alcoholism Cure Foundation Announces New ''Cure Yourself'' Program: Alcoholism Cure Foundation Reports Successful Introduction of "Cure Yourself," Low Cost Adaptation of Its Permanent Cure Programs Which Cure Nearly All Suffering from This Otherwise Incurable Disease SOCIAL DRINKING(TM), the Holy Grail of Most Alcoholics, is Part of the Cure

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Alcoholism Cure Foundation introduces "Cure Yourself", the $387 answer to this otherwise incurable disease. "Cure Yourself(TM) builds on the nearly 100% cure rate of our customized Permanent Cure(TM) programs," explains Dr. Doug Krotzer, CEO. Permanent Cure generates impressive quantities of dramatic success reports each week.

    Dr. Krotzer cautions "Cure Yourself has a 50% long term cure rate target, using four ingredients proved effective over 2 1/2 years in our Permanent Cure Programs. That 50% long term success rate easily exceeds traditional treatments for curing alcoholism, which cost upwards of $30,000, take a month out of your life, and produce few long term cures. Both costs and success rates will be lower than our proved programs due to safety limitations of eliminating customization and 15/7 doctor monitoring."

Alcoholics drink to feel good! All other alcohol abuse treatments ignore this central truth. Counseling does a poor job of replacing molecules missing from the brain.

In stark contrast, Alcoholism Cure Foundation provides the brain with needed molecules, replacing alcohol depression cravings with stable good moods. Patented combinations of safe and inexpensive nutraceuticals, customized for each brain, produce near miraculous results.

Alcoholism is the third leading cause of death, costing Americans over $185 Billion/year. For additional information, visit All trademarks are the exclusive property of their owners.

About Alcoholism Cure Foundation

Alcoholism Cure Foundation programs derive from basic research that produced withdrawal aid prescriptions Naltrexone (Revia(R)), and Acamprosate (Campral(R)). That research proved alcoholism is the lack of normal amounts of brain reward neurotransmitters, and certain natural ingredients provide them.

Alcoholism Cure is nearing completion of 500 subject two year clinical testing. Initial cure rates approach 100%, with every indication of similar permanent rates.

Underlying data is available for review by interested professional organizations. Alcoholism Cure Foundation will bear the expenses if conclusions of independent experts differ from those stated. Alcoholism Cure hopes to cement strategic relationships with larger organizations within the next 6 months.

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