Just Released a New Video on How To Tie a Tie Knot, Alien-style

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Online retailer just released a tie knot video series featuring an alien tying a florescent necktie.

aliens tie a necktie

aliens tie a necktie

...aliens seem to be quite sophisticated tie-knotters...

There are cats playing pianos, paper-ripping laughing babies, young men singing about chocolate rain, turtles engaging in acts of romance, and Britney Spears-defending teenagers, but the latest videos making the rounds across the internet have more people scratching heads than ever before.

Glow-in-the-dark skateboarding aliens from the future have come to Earth on a highly-classified mission to teach males of the human species—what else?—how to properly tie a tie. At least that’s what it looks like.

In a series of three odd, cryptic videos hitting YouTube, an unidentified man—or alien—in a tight-fitting black spandex body suit is apparently teaching watchers how to tie Half Windsor, Double Windsor or 4-in-hand tie knots. Perhaps made by a professional mime on hallucinogens, the videos are available at Tie a Tie Youtube Channel.

“I think it’s probably aliens trying to send us a message. The message is that there are many ways to tie a necktie,” speculated tie knotting expert and founder Hendrik Pohl. “There’s no reason why a man should stick with only one tie knot day in and day out. Add some other knots to your repertoire, if not for the reason to diversify your look, then to avoid an inter-planetary war with the Martians.” Employees at Pohl’s online tie and men’s accessories retailer,, had no additional comments.

The informative tutorials, which seem to have been filmed on an unidentified flying object in outer space, make the intricate processes of tie-knotting easy for male earthlings. Selecting soundtracks ranging from lounge music to smooth jazz to beer hall polka, the alien life forms who made the videos clearly have great taste in music, in addition to vast knowledge of how to tie ties.

“The aliens seem to be quite sophisticated tie-knotters. I believe they come in peace and there is no cause for alarm. They only want to see the men of earth make the most of their tie collections,” added Pohl. “They probably also want men to buy all their neckties and accessories from, the best source for chic neckties on the internet. But I’m just guessing now.”

Leaders from the United States, Japan, China, France, Brazil, South Africa and the United Kingdom are currently convening to decide how to respond to the aliens’ tie-knotting demands.


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