The CNN Interview on Dr. Robert Young's Research About the Connection Between Over-Acidity and Weight Gain is Featured in Today’s Bawell Publication

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Dr. Robert Young explains in a CNN interview with Carol Lin how excess acid in the body can affect a person’s weight.

Alkaline and Acidic Food PH Chart

Alkaline and Acidic Food PH Chart

It's not about calories, it's not about protein, it's not about fats, and it’s not about carbohydrates, it's whether or not the food is alkalizing to the fluids of the body or acidifying to the fluids of the body.

The Bawell publication covers the CNN News reporter Carol Lin interview with Dr. Young, who is a research scientist and author of the book “The pH Miracle for weight loss” on the connection between people’s overweight problems and acidosis. Dr. Young explains in the news interview that obesity is actually an acid problem, “There's some confusion here. It's not that we're overweight, it's that we're over acid.”

"If our body doesn't eliminate acids through urination, defecation, perspiration or respiration, that acid gets stored in the fat cells on our hips, thighs, buttocks, waist line, and breasts. This is what makes us fat, so obesity or overweight is not a fat problem, it's an over acidic diet problem," Dr.Young states in the interview, the Bawell report writes.

Dr. Young goes on to explain that alkaline ionized water, and a balanced pH are essential for a healthy body, further stating that a pH of 7 or higher is alkaline and healthy. When asked how one can balance his body to lose weight, Dr. Young answers by saying, “What you eat, what you drink, or even your thoughts can make you over acidic, so it is important to focus on more alkalizing foods like spinach or parsley...” quotes the Dr. in the report that Bawell published today.

The scientific researcher and author further explains about the alkaline diet, and the fact that alkaline water can provide numerous health benefits, writes the Bawell representative in today’s report. "We need to move more to an alkalizing diet, more green foods and drinks, and also good healthy fats. Good healthy fats from fish: sea bass, trout, salmon, even the mackerel, or tuna; as well as oils.... these fats can actually neutralize acidity and help us to become more healthy and more energetic. Plus help us to maintain an ideal healthy weight" the publication states.

The Bawell publication continues to explain how some foods are acidic, and should therefore be avoided. The list includes beef, chicken, pork, eggs, vinegar, soy sauce, mushrooms, corn, peanuts, all dairy products, tea and soda, chocolates, etc…"When we're over acid, this is what makes us sick, tired and overweight; so animal proteins and dairy products, even the wrong kind of water like acidic water or carbonated water," the report says.

As a last piece of advice on diet and ionized water health benefits, the doctor and research scientist closes the interview by saying, "When you move into a more alkaline diet, you can lose up to a pound a day. It's not about calories, it's not about protein, it's not about fats, and it’s not about carbohydrates. It's whether or not the food is alkalizing to the fluids of the body or acidifying to the fluids of the body, because our body is only as healthy as the water its bathed in." (CNN Interview).

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