Almeda University Prospers as Online Education Grows in Esteem

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More and more students and colleges are embracing online learning technology, and employers are increasingly viewing virtual degrees favorably—all of which is good news for pioneering online schools like Almeda University.

Even as recently as a couple years ago, many employers viewed online degrees unfavorably. Given the choice between two otherwise similar job candidates, one with a traditional degree and one with a virtual degree, employers tended to pick students who had completed offline, four-year programs. According to new data, however, this trend might be changing. The Babson Study Research Group finds that more than six million students are enrolled in at least one online course—up by more than half a million from last year. Universities, too, are increasingly making virtual classes an integral part of their curricula, the study finds. Employers are also embracing online education like never before, all of which is good news for online-only institutions like Almeda University.

Indeed, responding to the new study, Almeda University executive Richard Smith says he is encouraged by the current state of online education. According to Smith, however, the greatest boon to a school like Almeda is not the increased volume of online learners, but rather changing attitudes among employers. “The problem with the online model, in the experience of our school, has not been lack of student interest. Until very recently, it was the employers that frowned upon résumés showing university credits earned digitally,” notes Smith. “One or two online classes have typically been accepted by employers, but completely online degrees have often been seen as inferior. Thankfully, that is starting to change.”

Indeed, the Babson survey finds that employers are responding favorably to online degrees. The results of the polling suggest that employers are increasingly impressed by the difficulties sometimes associated with pursuing an online education, such as the task of juggling virtual classes with work and family responsibilities.

Smith agrees that obtaining an online degree speaks to a student’s abilities. “Those who obtain degrees online show that they have high levels of discipline, focus, and time management abilities,” he affirms. “For employers, these are all highly desirable traits, in many cases just as important as the degree itself.”

The study also finds that programs like that of Almeda University are increasing in quality, another fact that explains the change in employers’ attitudes. As technology improves, so does the virtual education experience. “Programs like ours are always advancing, always offering better and better learning experiences,” Smith concludes.

According to the Babson study, online education is increasingly commonplace, with as many as 70% of colleges and universities saying that online learning is a vital component in their educational experience.


Almeda University is an online university that has served an international community of learners for more than fifteen years. Founded in 1997, Almeda is committed to advanced online technology and a cutting-edge curriculum. The school’s mission is to help open doors for its students no matter which field or profession they choose.

Almeda University is unique even among other online institutions for its ability to accommodate a wide range of lifestyles and learning styles. Integral to their philosophy is their acceptance of different life experiences as academic credits; practical skills learned in an office or vocational environment are rewarded. Additionally, Almeda University accommodates academic interests in a variety of scholarly fields, ranging from business to theology.

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