Life Experience Degrees from Almeda University Reveal Faults in NC Decision to Deny Funding for Online School

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The North Carolina government recently rejected a proposal to obtain tax dollars to fund the creation of a new virtual charter school. Almeda University, online educator, observes how this decision reflects the growth of online education.

Online education has advanced tremendously in recent years, and now in addition to online universities, several established universities are creating online curriculums that meet the needs of this growing technological trend. These programs are designed to provide students with a unique opportunity to learn new skills at their own convenience. Almeda University, has even taken online education to the next level by offering several programs that provide certification for self-help and life experience.

In North Carolina, charter schools are designed with many of the same benefits in mind; although they are funded through taxpayer dollars, they are run in a manner similar to private schools and present unique educational goals. Students typically benefit from smaller class sizes, hand-picked teachers and a stronger parent involved community. According to a recent ABC article, N.C. Learns, a nonprofit group, applied to start a virtual charter school that would do away with a brick and mortar education, and offer a wide range of online courses to students across the state. Despite plans set forth by the organization, the North Carolina State Board of Education ruled that the idea of a virtual charter school was not going to be entertained.

Although the response is regarded as severe by many charter school proponents, others express that the state is just not ready for such developments. Almeda University remarks that North Carolina already has some online options available for students, which is a good indication that the state may be more open to online education once the instruction model develops. Some institutions have already established strong educational models from a trial-and-error basis, but the benefits of online education are commonly measured by adult interaction, not children. In fact, many of the benefits associated with online learning apply to older students who want to gain more insight into a course of choice or through a life experience-based program.

President of Almeda University, Richard Smith adds, “Whether or not the denial of funding is conducted in an effort to reallocate those funds into other educational areas or simply to reduce overall education spending is unknown. It would seem that this small Academy would be an interesting test to determine its efficacy. Perhaps this might be what North Carolina needs in order to enhance its graduation rates.”

However, Smith concludes with a strong counterpoint to his own argument, stating that Ohio currently has seven e-schools. Only two of those have higher graduation rates than traditional high schools, indicating a great need for reassessment of the programs’ structures.


Founded in 1997, Almeda University has provided online educational programs to its students for many years. The educational facility offers a variety of courses so students will meet their academic and professional goals. The institution incorporates innovative technology into its Web-based environment to cater to different learning styles. Because of this effort, Almeda University can reach students of all ages and help them achieve their educational goals in a timely manner.

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