Investment Is Key to Sustainable Agriculture

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Alternative investments are crucial for promoting sustainable agricultural practices, claims UK-based information portal ( As a solution is urgently needed to resolve the problem of how to feed the seven billion world population, without further adding up to the existing problem of climate change, the burden will fall on sustainable agriculture.



The rather complex concept of sustainable agriculture requires a considerable amount of investment, which can effectively facilitate the adoption and implementation of sustainable practices in the agricultural sector.

A new article by iNVEZZ, an investment portal, operated by green investments media Dezz, looks into alternative investments as a way to move away from conventional farming in favour of eco-friendly agriculture. The article is a response to a recent publication by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) highlighting the importance of agriculture for sustainable water management and cleaner energy.

In order to put sustainable agriculture into a broader perspective, the article looks into the specifics of the agricultural sector and provides data about its impact on global warming and climate change. This in turn implies that a simple intensification of conventional farming with the purpose of producing more food can hardly be an acceptable solution since it does not take into account the negative effects that unsustainable agriculture has on the environment.

Therefore, the portal focuses on the concept of sustainable agriculture. The website article provides information about the FAO’s version of the concept, namely “climate smart” agriculture, which the FAO has been promoting as a way to achieve security and improve livelihoods. The article also explains in detail the essence of sustainability with relation to the agricultural sector.

The rather complex concept of sustainable agriculture requires a considerable amount of investment, which can effectively facilitate the adoption and implementation of sustainable practices in the agricultural sector. In addition, the transition from unsustainable farming can also turn out to be quite costly. In order to support this observation, also talks about the FAO and World Bank’s view on the need for investing in sustainable agriculture.

Having outlined the essence of sustainable agriculture and the factors which necessitate investments, the portal focuses on the benefits for potential investors. On the one hand, there are the financial benefits, which will be a logical consequence of modern farming methods, designed to generate higher production returns in relation to a decreased input of resources, such as artificial fertilisers, for instance.

In addition, the article focuses on the social and environmental dimensions of sustainable agriculture, which should be the main incentive for potential investors. Maintaining biodiversity, providing ecosystem services and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector all add ethical value to alternative investments in sustainable agriculture. Moreover, the portal talks about the benefits that investing in sustainable agriculture will have on the market and in terms of raising public awareness about the importance of non-toxic healthy food grown in a sustainable manner.

Furthermore, the article talks about the recent FAO publication, which discusses the importance of sustainable agriculture for water management and the energy sector. According to the FAO, the traditional “business as usual” approach will no longer be possible with regards to economic development and management of natural resources. Therefore, the article also points out the positive influence that sustainable investments in the agricultural sector will have on water and renewable energy resources.

The portal also reminds that alternative investments in sustainable agriculture should be accompanied by the appropriate measures on a governmental and institutional level. Nevertheless, the multiple benefits of sustainable agriculture will be well worth the efforts.

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