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Memory is based on connections, or associations, between information. Therefore, building up a knowledge base is one of the best ways to improve memory. In addition, superior knowledge of basic facts helps improve memory by boosting confidence. Memory Packer is a free website that provides a sophisticated algorithm to help users easily memorize facts from a wide range of topics.

Research Shows Memorizing to be an Important Brain Exercise

According to the book "Train Your Brain" by Ryuta Kawashima, a leading expert on brain research, memorizing things plays a very important part in brain health. On page 52 of the book, it states: "The brain has different places for storing different sorts of memory. Therefore, many different places in the brain will be activated if you memorize various sorts of things. At the same time in this way you can develop a well-balanced brain. Memorizing is a very important activity for the brain. Repetition and making associations make memorizing easy."

Memory Packer Helps Build Memory Associations

When we're trying to remember something, we're always searching for a little rhyme, an acronym, a picture, or some other kind of mental anchor to link the memory to. Memory experts have long recommended using associations to help improve your memory, especially visual ones. Memory Packer makes it easy to memorize a foundation of information that can be used to help form the associations that aid in retaining information.

Here's an example. Suppose you've used Memory Packer to memorize flags of the world and capital cities of the world. One day you meet somebody named Anna, from Madrid. Instead of simply trying to remember "Anna is from Madrid," you now have three connecting thoughts to help retain the memory: Anna is from Madrid, Anna is from the capital of Spain, and Anna is from the country using the flag of Spain (visual reference).

Confidence Is A Key Element in Better Memory

It's a well-known fact that confidence plays a major part in sports. When athletes lack confidence, they lose the mental sharpness needed to score goals or catch passes. The same can be said of your memory. When you aren't floundering on everyday facts like the capital cities of various States or the names of movie stars, you have more confidence in your memory. Names, dates, places will come to you quicker! Memory Packer is designed to help increase confidence in your memory.

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