Best-selling Kindle book 'Inside the Giant Machine: An Story' Now Available in Print

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The Center of Artificial Imagination has released the 2nd print edition of the best-selling Kindle book “Inside the Giant Machine: An Story.” The revised edition includes 12 new chapters, which give further details on Amazon’s transformation from a retailer to a marketplace in order to compete with its long-time nemesis, eBay.

Book Cover for kindle best seller "Inside the Giant Machine - An Story"

Inside the Giant Machine - An Story

“The prose is cleverly seasoned with humor and provides a smart and witty glimpse into the otherwise closed and intriguing world of” said Dr. A. Gracia, " At times, it is a travelogue, at times a memoir, and at times a love letter."

In the expanded 2nd edition of "Inside the Giant Machine - An Story", the author gives additional details in 12 new chapters about the inner workings of and the company’s competition with eBay, which resulted in’s launch of the e-commerce platform that eventually led to its supremacy in both the online retail and marketplace segments.

This revised edition continues the author’s hilarious-yet-touching personal story of yearning for acceptance as an immigrant, adjusting to midlife, and struggling as a technologist to find harmony in the chaos of the Internet revolution. Kalpanik S., a former technologist, once again fills the pages with his characteristic fish-out-of-water humor and slight philosophical bent in narrating how, after leaving his home and friends in Silicon Valley and moving to Seattle to work for, he found himself facing the double whammy of having to cope with both the drastically different Northwest climate and Amazon’s unusual work environment.

‘Inside the Giant Machine: An Story’ can be described in many ways. At times, it is a travelogue, a times a memoir, and at times a love letter to people, places, and even ideas." said Dr. A. Gracia, world renowned linguist. “The prose is cleverly seasoned with humor and provides a smart and witty glimpse into the otherwise closed and intriguing world of”

At the end of the book, the author has added two bonus chapters where he describes his experiences in publishing the first edition of the book on Kindle™ and Google™ eBooks, and how he applied the agile Web site development process he had learned at to incrementally extend his book on Kindle based on readers’ comments.

“After listening to feedback from our readers, we decided to add material in the areas where they felt the first book had fallen short,” said Kalpanik S., the author of 'Inside the Giant Machine - An Story'. “The Kindle™ platform allowed us to react rapidly to the Kindle readers’ feedback, adding new content incrementally and doing frequent releases of a revised edition on Kindle™. I am proud of the finished product and am certain that we would not have achieved it in such a short time without the flexibility of the Kindle™ publishing platform.”

Trademark and Other Notices

Kindle™ and Amazon™ are registered trademarks of eBay™ is a registered trademark of eBay. Google™ and Google eBooks™ are registered trademarks of Google Inc.

Even though this book describes and the author’s e-book publishing experiences on the Kindle and Google eBook platforms, and although it is distributed using Amazon’s Kindle publishing network and the Google eBook Partner program, it is – like all other books published on Kindle or Google eBooks – not officially endorsed in any way by Amazon’s Kindle group or by Google eBooks.


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