Amish Backyard Structures From Sheds Unlimited INC Reach New Limits With New Lowboy Shed Trailer

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When Sheds Unlimited INC added new backyard Amish structures to their line of products, they were higher than the norm. Manager Stephen Stoltzfus Jr. designed a brand new delivery trailer to move the fancy Amish Structures to homeowners in PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV and beyond.

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The Amish Structures Trailer Loaded

It seems to be the talk of the Amish Structures industry

In early 2012 when Sheds Unlimited INC added a new line of backyard Amish structures to their choices of sheds and garages, they had a problem to solve. The Premier Garden Structures design enhanced the aesthetic attractiveness of these outdoor structures but also created a dilemma in that they were too tall to deliver! Manager Stephen J Stoltzfus Jr. had a solution for this problem from the beginning, but it took months to deliver on this innovative idea. A new low-boy trailer ordered in the Spring and just recently delivered has the Amish Structures industry taking a new look at the possibilities for delivering backyard structures as a unit.

It used to be that trailers for delivering Amish Structures built in Pennsylvania were designed for a shed around ten to eleven feet tall. Trailers were often built with the front on top of the truck bed and slanted from there to allow for low sheds on the front and taller structures on the back of the trailer. In 2010 Sheds Unlimited designed a new trailer that made it possible for Sheds Unlimited to deliver Amish backyard structures that were six to twelve inches higher than the norm. But then along came the Premier Garden Structures in 2012 and another solution had to be found to deliver this tall and beautiful buildings.

That was when the manager at Sheds Unlimited put on his idea cap and began dreaming of an all new trailer concept for delivering even higher outdoor structures from PA. The new Amish structures delivery trailer needed to allow for delivery a thirteen foot tall building. Premier Garden Structures combine a steep roof pitch with other fancy features to make a tall and attractive looking building. So with a maximum legal road height being of fourteen feet, the Premier Garden Structures allowed little room for the trailer itself, let alone a set of axles and wheels.

Creating a lowboy trailer seemed to be a possibility, but there were some hurdles to cross. First, the wheels protruding up in the back of the trailer would not allow the backyard portable structures to actually come off the trailer. There had to be a way for a level trailer when unloading a backyard structure. In addition, when fully loaded with sheds and garages, the trailer would be extremely cumbersome to take into small neighborhoods with the set of wheels being all the way to the rear.

But Stephen Jr. had a solution to both. He envisioned the low section of the trailer being raised with airbags to allow the backyard structures to clear the back axle. After the low-riding section is raised, the delivery Mule could ride the length of the trailer to remove the Amish structures. But the trailer would still have been a monster of a machine to take into a small neighborhood. That problem could also be solved, he mused, by creating a trailer that would lengthen according to the need and adding a steering axle to cut those tight corners in small neighborhoods.

The trailer was ordered from a local Lancaster, PA trailer manufacturer who serves the Amish structures manufacturers. Specifications included a sixteen foot extension of the lowboy area and a remote steering axle in the back. After locating a steering axle in Louisville, KY, Sheds Unlimited spent months making the connections to have it shipped to Pennsylvania and installed on the outdoor structures trailer.

Nevertheless, the axle arrived at the trailer manufacturer and finally in October the all new Amish outdoor structures trailer was delivered to Sheds Unlimited INC. The first delivery of a backyard structure was not entirely smooth, reports a company manager, there are still a few quirks to work out of the trailer. But overall, the trailer has been operating very well.

Amish Garden Structures which would previously have had to be built on site, can now be assembled as a unit a the Sheds Unlimited manufacturing facility and delivered anywhere in PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, WV and beyond. In addition, Sheds Unlimited is offering the services of the their new low-riding Amish structures trailer to other Amish barn builders and the manufacturer of the trailer has other builders of outdoor structures knocking on their door to find out more about this innovative idea. “It seems to be the talk of the Amish Structures industry,” says a manager at Sheds Unlimited. It will probably only be a matter of time before more Lancaster County shed builders employ the services of this new lowboy Amish outdoor structures trailer.

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