Anakam® Unveils Anakam.TFA™ Two-Factor Authentication Platform Version 3.0

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Comprehensive new Anakam release strengthens multi-channel two-factor authentication capabilities with full support for voice biometrics and enhanced user administration functions.

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When your solution is able to scale to millions of users, delivering a two-factor authentication solution through a single channel -- whether it is a cell phone or a hard token device -- is no longer an option

Anakam®, the leading provider of affordable, scalable, multi-channel, two-factor authentication solutions for mass-scale user populations, today unveiled Anakam.TFA™ version 3.0, the company's flagship product within the Anakam Identity Suite™. This latest release includes features unique to the industry that are designed to facilitate the end-to-end identity management process. From user registration, fraud detection, and anti-phishing, to multi-channel authentication through non-proprietary devices, Anakam.TFA™ v3.0 meets the challenges of, and manages the risks associated with, navigating the identity management landscape.

New capabilities released with Anakam.TFA™ v3.0 make it possible for Anakam® to offer the first solution capable of delivering strong authentication across the full spectrum of communication channels. From a single administration console, Anakam® customers are able to configure one or more channels that include authentication via email, cell phones, PDA and mobile devices, IVR, call center, and voice biometrics. Providing strong authentication across multiple channels addresses the diverse needs of a rapidly growing market of online applications users and their ability to operate in very dynamic environments. The combination of two or more channels introduces cutting edge usability improvements over legacy two-factor authentication solutions. When a user's authentication device is lost or unavailable, an additional channel can be used so that business operations can continue.

The Anakam® multi-channel approach is enabling our customers in e-commerce, banking, healthcare, and other arenas to create new markets. The creation of these new markets stems from the ability to offer multiple channels that facilitate secure access to applications and data. Further, within organizations like the federal, state, and local government, the multiple-channel approach allows a risk-based strong authentication solution that can be aligned to an ever-expanding and highly diversified user-base, to provide privacy, identity protection, and non-repudiation.

Because no single authentication device is sufficient to meet the varying needs of a large user community, the Anakam® multi-channel approach eliminates hard token, soft token, key fob, and card distribution… a critical first step in offering affordable secure access on a mass scale. To efficiently and inexpensively support large scale implementations, organizations need to provide their user base with options that leverage devices or services that are readily available, such as cell phones and land lines.    

The introduction of new authentication channels further enhances the ability for Anakam® to address the security and privacy needs of some of the nation's largest online portals and web-based solutions. "When your solution is able to scale to millions of users, delivering a two-factor authentication solution through a single channel -- whether it is a cell phone or a hard token device -- is no longer an option," said Allan Camaisa, founder and CEO of Anakam®. "The proliferation of portals in both the private and public sectors has created the need for a two-factor authentication solution that meets the growing demands of the diverse users that access these portals." The latest release of Anakam.TFA™ is already helping private industry and public sector organizations deliver two-factor authentication cost effectively across multiple delivery channels.

Anakam.TFA™ Channels

The Anakam.TFA™ solution supports an organization's ability to define the authentication channels that best meet the needs of its user base and manage risk within their enterprise. The delivery channels supported by Anakam.TFA™ do not require the distribution of costly hard tokens or software downloads. Instead, the solution delivers a one-time pass code to the channel that best suits the user and can be tailored based upon the users preferences, environment, behavior, or enterprise risk profiles. Supported channels include cell phones, PDAs, land lines, human interface via call center capabilities, email accounts, or newly released voice biometrics.

Enhanced Profile Administration

The ability to support millions of users requires an administrative module that is flexible and intuitive. Version 3.0 introduces enhanced user profile administration features and usability improvements that allow organizations to more comprehensively define when to challenge a user. The new features extend the capabilities of challenging users based on the device, location, and other attributes. The use of two-factor authentication can be rules-based, ensuring that the user experience is minimally impacted by the introduction of secure access.

Enhanced Large Scale Registration and Identity Proofing Capabilities

Anakam.TFA™ v3.0 also addresses the business challenge of registering mass scales of users for two-factor authentication with enhanced integration of Anakam.IDP™ remote identity proofing and Anakam.CGW™ professional credentialing gateway into the Anakam.TFA™ platform. "In addition to the cost-prohibitive nature of legacy hard-token and software based solutions, registration and identity proofing of large user bases has previously made true two-factor authentication of massive scales of users unachievable" said Brent Williams, Anakam's CTO. "With the enhanced integration of our multi-channel two-factor authentication, remote identity proofing, and professional credential verification, Anakam® now sits in the unique position of being able to solve this complex business challenge on a highly scalable platform that supports numerous markets." The enhanced integration of these platforms speeds deployment across the customer's environment, increases end-user adoption, and enables risk-based identity management solutions.

For more information on Anakam® and Anakam.TFA™ please visit the Anakam® website or contact Joe Taylor at (703) 888-4630.

About Anakam®:
Anakam® enables strong authentication and identity management at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions, without encumbering your customers, partners and employees with cards, software downloads, tokens, or fobs. The Anakam Identity Suite™ is unique in the industry, providing end-to-end capabilities that allow you to enable secure business to the masses. The suite includes two-factor authentication, remote identity proofing, professional credentialing, and data protection.

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