Learn the Five Truths Financial Advisors Don’t Tell About Annuities from Annuity Expert Stan The Annuity Man

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When a financial adviser all of a sudden wants to put a large portion of assets into a variable annuity, it’s time to seek out the help of annuity expert Stan The Annuity Man. With his mission to educate the public on annuities, Stan is the leading National Annuity Consumer Advocate who has earned the reputation as one of the most credible annuity sources in the world.

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Stan The Annuity Man

I respect the consumer. I want them to understand what they own, understand the limitations, and understand the contractual guarantees. If they understand that then they’re going to be a happy client with the annuity they own.

Annuity expert Stan The Annuity Man is sharing the five truths financial advisors don’t tell investors who are thinking about purchasing an annuity. As an independent annuity expert representing over 100 national carriers, Stan The Annuity Man has set out to change the bad reputation annuities have earned by educating the public on the truth about annuities. Through his website http://www.stantheannuityman.com and time spent individually counseling investors thinking about owning an annuity, Stan’s goal is to find the right solution with the right company to contractually solve the investor’s specific goal.

“Annuities get a bad rap often being described as the ‘bad chicken dinner’ seminars or the ‘too good to be true’ pitch. And that’s because advisors are too busy selling the sizzle but not the steak,” says Stan The Annuity Man.

As a National Consumer Advocate for everything annuity, Stan The Annuity Man is changing the outlook of these sometimes controversial products. Stan’s goal is to tell investors the absolute truth if the annuity is good or bad, or if they need one at all. Not everyone needs an annuity, but sometimes it’s hard to find out what’s right for the investor, and that’s what Stan The Annuity Man is trying to fix.

Based on Stan The Annuity Man’s many years of industry experience, there are five main truths people must learn first before owning an annuity:

  •     There are limitations with any annuity
  •     Contractual guarantees to solve for what they will do and not what they might do
  •     There is an upside and a downside for every annuity strategy
  •     Analysis of strategy based on your needs and age
  •     Where it fits for you in achieving those goals or needs

Annuities are contractual solutions that solve for specific problems. Though many annuities are sold as one size fits all, Stan believes everyone’s situation is unique and the annuity solution should be customized and tailored to contractually solve for the investor’s specific goal/need.

“I respect the consumer. I’m going to treat them like they don’t have to be pitched. Instead we have an adult conversation about the annuity strategies, the annuity industry and even if they fit for them. If they don’t fit, that’s ok. I want them to understand what they own, understand the limitations, and understand the contractual guarantees. If they understand that then they’re going to be a happy client with the annuity they own.”

Learn more truths about annuities click here to view Stan’s recent video. To contact Stan The Annuity Man or to learn more about financial plans, visit http://www.stantheannuityman.com/ or email stan(at)stantheannuityman(dot)com.

About Stan The Annuity Man
Stan The Annuity Man is a nationally recognized expert on annuities known for his transparency, honesty and endless research. He has spoken at every major financial trade show in the United States, and is rigorously independent, representing all major carriers that meet his uncompromisingly high standards. With a financial background that spans some of the major wirehouse organizations such as Dean Witter, Morgan Stanley, Paine Webber and UBS, Stan brings to his clients an informed clarity and “insider” wisdom that makes him extra careful and cognizant of risks and how to avoid them. Stan The Annuity Man’s mission is to give each client his undivided personal attention and to become a trusted member of their “Financial Team.” With clients nationwide, Stan is known for his fly-to-your-home, coast-to-coast service no other annuity company provides.

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