New Digital Publication Brings Clarity to Antioxidant Confusion

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The digital publication,, is devoted to informing consumers about the important role of antioxidants in optimizing health and enhancing the potential to slow the aging process. The website brings readers practical nutritional advice presented by a network of industry professionals, through their own one-of-kind investigative product testing, and with the cooperation of food producers. logo

It has been my experience that marketing can sometimes cloud, more than clarify the message and there is some really good science being conducted that I feel should be known to consumers.

The average consumer is barraged by an overwhelming amount of information and marketing of food and health supplements; especially regarding beneficial nutrients. Much of which is contradictory, and some, deliberately designed by unscrupulous sellers to perpetuate confusion and hype, to push sales. One of the valuable nutrients that may fall victim to this misinformation is the class known as antioxidants.

Founder, Brad Miller has been in the fruit juice and food extracts business for over a decade, traveling the world in the discovery of exotic 'superfruits' and has seen first-hand, the rise of antioxidants in nutritional importance. "It has been my experience that marketing can sometimes cloud, more than clarify the message and there is some really good science being conducted that I feel should be known to consumers."

Miller's involvement in the pioneering of new ingredient development, from traditional farmer to global market, scientific lab to the dinner table, gives him the unique perspective to see the big picture. "We have an opportunity to give the public the facts about antioxidants and their benefits without any bias."

Having already established relationships in so many fields, Miller was able to reach out to a network of specialists within the nutritional supplement, whole food producer, and scientific communities, to create a foundation of information that the consumer could easily understand and access. A foundation that intentionally has built-in checks and balances to guarantee readers an unbiased resource for nutritional advice, related research reports, innovative product tests and health news.

This requires establishing trust with the consumer and to achieve this trust, will be announcing a certification program for ingredient and consumer product manufacturing companies that will include a symbol placement on merchandise that consumers can use as a tool for making more informed decisions about purchases.

"Providing reliable information that can be supported by scientific evidence of efficacy is the standard we strive for." is more than just focused on the molecular importance of antioxidants; the company endeavors to be the thought leaders in the dissemination of antioxidant news and medical advancements in biochemistry by delivering product test results conducted independently, publishing scientific reports, dietary supplement reviews, how-to articles and videos, recipes and personality-driven, current interest blogs.

For example, an upcoming feature is a "basket study" highlighting blueberries. Various samples (fresh, frozen, canned, organic and conventional, and imported) were pulled from grocery shelves and sent to the Texas A&M University, Nutrition and Food Science Lab, under the direction of Dr. Stephen Talcott.

The scientific results from the tests will be published with the article, but perhaps even more important will be the practical information included that the shopper can use when making choices involving benefit, appearance, and cost-- information that will affect the consumer on more than just a nutritional level.

"Think of the antioxidant, the anti-aging molecule, as a metaphor for the healthy lifestyle. Choosing to increase your good health habits, and undoing the harm that stress or previous choices have made, is similar to the role that antioxidants play within your body," says site editor, Patrick Welch.

"We're going to give our readers a depth of information -- with our certification program, never-before-seen industry bios, and cutting-edge product news -- that can, and will, positively influence their lives."

The creators of are excited by the current state of antioxidant science and its significance to personal wellbeing and have set their sights on becoming the number one consumer choice for truthful and independent news in the field of antioxidant-related whole food, nutritional supplements and personal care products.


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