Wrinkle Cream: Looking Younger For Valentine's Day Only Takes Minutes

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In today's world, we expect instant results with everything, with our cell phones, emails and instant messaging. And now, when it comes to wrinkle cream products, it needs to only takes a few minutes to work as well. Women want this, expect this, and yes, they're now getting it. Wrinkle Creams Review is announcing a free tip sheet on looking your best for Valentine's Day 2009, for a limited time.

Looking Your Best For Valentine's Day And Any Other Date

Looking younger with a wrinkle cream which gives results in only several short minutes, instead of the many laborious months it has been traditionally though to take, is now possible. As a result, many women, and men, are using the anti aging creams that are supposed to give immediate results. When it comes to Valentine's day, women want to look their best, and the anti aging serums can help them do so without having to wait months.

As a special announcement for Valentine's day 2009, Marcus Ryan, of Wrinkle Creams Review, is issuing a free tip sheet as a free download, entitled "Looking Your Best For Valentine's Day And Any Other Date" from February 10th for a limited time. You can download the document from the Valentine's day link on his review website for the upcoming week.

Marcus Ryan, who tests and reviews the most popular anti aging wrinkle cream products online, says that "More and more, women as well as men are demanding that they see an immediate result with their wrinkle cream."

But do these new anti aging products deliver these fast results as promised? "If you use the ones that are proven to, then the answer is yes'. He continues, "And it's not about impressing a date, it's about looking their best, as women love to look and feel their age, not 5 or 10 years older than their age."

Ever since the introduction of the idea of 'anti aging' in the news and media, such as Dr Perricone's popular bestseller, "The Wrinkle Cure", the increasing information we have on the role that antioxidants play in our physical health, the impact of stress on aging, and the awareness of how lifestyle can either age, or make people age much less slowly, there has been demand for products that reduce the rate of skin aging.

The wrinkle cream products that have had recent attention in both the US and the UK media include Lifecell skin wrinkle cream, which has the endorsement of celebrities, and the Athena 7 Minute Lift which has the endorsement of Dr Mark Binette M.D and Dr Eric Kaplan M.D, the famed survivor of a Botox dose that went horribly wrong. These two products work very differently, but with the same end result. Marcus Ryan explains "The Lifecell has microscopic 3D silicon dioxide crystals which reflect light to make wrinkles invisible within 60 seconds, while the Athena uses botanical oils to hydrate and lift the skin to reverse the appearance of wrinkles within 7 minutes."

He continues "I have seen results with both creams, and they happen very fast", explaining that he often tests these creams on women and men of various ages, from their 30s to their 60s. He says "Each time, I am quite surprised at how one or the other, or both creams have such immediate results."

It is perhaps because of these creams, that women are now expecting that other wrinkle creams should perform the same way, if not better. Marcus comments that "When they see results, they will compare the cream that worked for them with the next one, and choose the best cream that way." He suggests that this may be the way of the future as customers are becoming more savvy and want proof of results in the form of testimonials, photos and satisfaction guarantees. He continues "It's simple, just try the ones that have evidence that they work, and see for yourself."

So what does this mean for men and women on Valentine's day? Marcus says that "It's good to know your options when it comes to anti wrinkle creams, and women can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month trying new products to look their best in social as well as business situations." So if you're looking for that extra anti aging boost this weekend, then it may be worthwhile to spend some time getting to know your product options for your skin.

In this age of fast cars, fast communication and even fast meditation at the press of a button, it's good to know that we can have faster than expected results with anti aging efforts as well.

For additional information on anti wrinkle and anti aging cream products that have caught the media's attention, and to download your special Valentine's Day 2009 free tip sheet, visit Marcus's site which has anti wrinkle cream reviews to read real life reviews of the top rated wrinkle creams for both women and men.

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