United Law Group Senior Managing Attorney Refutes Allegations of Misconduct in Jacobs Case

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Refuting assertions that United Law Group is 'either unscrupulous or incompetent', the firm's senior managing attorney Robert Buscho released documents contradicting claims made by Warren Jacobs in a recent AP News story written by AP reporter Paul Elias. Buscho denied misconduct in this case and calls the recent news story an "erroneously researched piece of tabloid journalism."

Dr. Taylor’s aged parents were in a predatory loan with an interest rate of 9.5%

United Law Group's senior managing attorney Robert Buscho today released a statement and documentation that counters the allegations made about the firm. The documents include the request for information submitted to United Law Group via the internet on January 18, 2009, a recording of the message left by a United Law Group representative following up on his request, a recording of the call where Jacobs retained the firm and was advised that the firm would not tell him to stop making his monthly mortgage payments, and a copy of the trial modification agreement dated March 2, 2009 in which the bank offered to reduce his payments by $664 by cutting his rate from 8.2% to 5.75% and reducing his principal by over $50,000.

“Warren Jacobs reached out to United Law Group and requested a call from the firm via an online form that he submitted requesting additional information about a forensic loan audit on January 18, 2009,” said Buscho. “He was not contacted by a so-called robo-dialer.”

ULG staff documented speaking to Mr. Jacobs eight times between February 1 and March 9, 2009. File notes also indicate correspondence with the lender during that time. On March 2, 2009, a mere six weeks after being retained by Mr. Jacobs, ULG’s efforts on his behalf resulted in a loan modification offer that reduced his interest rate from 8.2% to 5.75%, slashed his monthly principal and interest payment from $1,511.22 to $847.82 and cut the amount owed on the note from $207,855.35 to $156,250.00 – a principal reduction of over $50,000.

ULG staff communicated with Mr. Jacobs about the modification on March 9, 2009 and told him to start making payments on the new program. He chose not to take the offer and asked if the firm could “do better.” He then lost his job a month later and informed the firm that he wanted to delay things because he lost his job.

United Law Group personnel either spoke to or left messages for Mr. Jacobs multiple times between April and May 2009 to discuss his financial situation and the risk of foreclosure. He failed to return calls to the firm.

"While Mr. Jacob's plight may sound like that of many American's, the reality is that he was not making proper use of a system that was designed to help 'honest' homeowners," said Buscho.

The article contends that Jacobs hired another attorney to file bankruptcy on his behalf in June 2009 after United Law Group failed to take certain actions to delay foreclosure.

"United Law Group did not offer to file bankruptcy on Mr. Jacobs' behalf because he previously filed a Petition under Chapter 7 on April 15, 2003. With no complaint objecting to the discharge having been timely filed, he received a discharge from the U. S. Bankruptcy, Northern District of Texas, on July 31, 2003," said Buscho. "In the article, writer Paul Elias states that Mr. Jacobs claims to have filed another bankruptcy petition in June of 2009. If this was done, it would be an illegal filing as Mr. Jacobs is not entitled to more than one discharge under Chapter 7 within seven years. He would therefore be an ineligible debtor under Bankruptcy Code § 109. A trustee or interested party would have standing to request the Bankruptcy Court dismiss the second filing as abusive."

Focused heavily on impugning the reputation of the firm and its founder, who stepped down in December of 2009 for health reasons, the story written by Paul Elias alleges that United Law Group is on par with unscrupulous so-called loan modification firms who attempted to take advantage of homeowners in need.

"United Law Group opened practice during very tumultuous times in this country," said Buscho. "We stand by our clients and provide ethical, legal solutions every step of the way. We've taken some hits for our efforts because the banks don't like it when homeowners have a strong partner in their corner. We are speaking out today because these scare tactics cannot be allowed. The honest people who retain our firm need our help, not poorly-researched, tabloid-style stories full of inaccuracies designed to instill fear and panic."

United Law Group attempted to contact Paul Elias and his news editor Tim Reiterman after the article was published. Mr. Reiterman stated that it was AP policy to submit complaints directly to the writer but that the writer may not promptly return calls as he was “on deadline.”

“The reporter from the Associated Press originally requested the names of satisfied clients and was provided those names,” said Buscho. “One client, Dr. Vanessa Taylor, is a prominent Southern California podiatrist who received two modifications – one for her home in Norco, CA which saved her $3,347 per month and got her out of an ARM and another on her parent’s home in Garden Grove, CA, which got these senior citizens out of a predatory loan and saved them $925 per month.”

“Dr. Taylor’s aged parents were in a predatory loan with an interest rate of 9.5%,” said Mr. Stephen Broadhead, the CFO and spokesperson for Dr. Taylor. “Dr. Taylor’s loan wasn’t much better at over 8% with future adjustments on the horizon. The team we worked with from United Law Group did a phenomenal job. They got the banks to reduce the rates to 4.98% and 4.9% respectively. Unfortunately when I spoke to Paul Elias with AP news he wasn’t interested in hearing how the firm helped Dr. Taylor.”

United Law Group has a long-standing reputation for helping honest citizens to handle their legal challenges. The firm represents consumers in cases involving debt settlement, IRS settlement, auto loan payment relief, breaches of contract and violations of state and federal laws. They have several class action lawsuits pending against major lenders. Prior to the passage of SB 94 the firm represented homeowners in litigation and negotiation efforts with mortgage lenders and servicers. The firm posts stories highlighting its successful efforts on an ongoing basis.

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United Law Group is a national law firm with offices in California, New York and Florida. The firm represents consumers in complex litigation concerning abusive banking practices, breaches of contract and violations of state and federal laws. United Law Group also litigates cases involving bankruptcy, IRS settlements and debt settlements in state and federal courts across the nation. Employing a team of top-notch attorneys, United Law Group leverages leading-edge technology to manage cases, support investigative efforts and ensure accurate, frequent communication with its clients. The firm is forming class action lawsuits in cases where order to provide the best legal counsel to individuals who might not be able to resolve their issues without representation.


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