AP9 Companies Offer Tips to Get Ready for Swimsuit Season

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AP9 Companies offer year-round savings on family needs from shopping and traveling to entertainment and more.

You wake up one day and realize the birds are chirping outside. You smile. Spring has arrived. Then you see yourself in the mirror and realize how pale and "chubby" you look. You frown. You don't feel quite ready to show off your figure at the beach. What to do?

First of all, make your own plan of dieting and exercise. AP9 Companies offer a variety of home, shopping, traveling and entertainment savings programs, all of which you can use for each of the steps of your plan for a beach body. Need a treadmill? Want to find the swimsuit that will show off your best features? Is it imperative that you join a gym? Need a new pair of running shoes?

Members of AP9 Companies programs can save on all of these items and services to help anyone get back in shape for the summer. Along with all the savings and benefits, AP9 Companies would also like to offer some useful and healthy tips:

Moderation. If you've been a couch potato for more than the winter months, don't expect to have the body of a swimsuit model. Your plan should integrate steps that will help you lose weight and tone muscles progressively for a period of at least eight weeks. Quick, radical diets will only give you short-term results and flabbier skin.

Eat right. Do it not only because you want to look better when you meet your friends at the beach, but also because it's good for you. Start this spring by adding fruits and vegetables to your diet, and vary the routine by buying the most popular varieties each season and learning new ways to prepare your favorite meals or salads. Eat seasonal fruits or peanuts as snacks, and cut down on the carbs by eating them only for breakfast or lunch -- not for dinner.

30 minutes. That's the recommended minimum amount of time you should dedicate to any physical activity every day. Stop with the excuses; move around the house while cleaning for the new season, take the running/walking shoes out of the closet and walk around the block after dinner, go outside and play hide-n-seek with the kids, or just get on that treadmill. To make time go by faster, listen to your favorite music or watch a TV show, and use light weights or cans of vegetables to add some toning exercises to the program.

Sweat a little. Those 30 minutes a day are a big help for your heart and body, but if you want a more intense physical activity to look buff at the town swimming pool, get a gym membership and talk to a trainer about your goals. A professional can help you achieve results that will last longer without putting your health at risk.

Commitment is the ultimate key to looking good and also feeling good. Motivation will get you started, so once you get off the couch and enjoy what you're doing, you'll like exercising as much as you like the savings you get from the programs offered by AP9 Companies.


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