AP9 Companies Offer Tips on Dorm Essentials for the College Students

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AP9 Companies help members save on books, furniture, music and other everyday needs and interests.

Making new friends is one of the cornerstones of the college experience. And a decorative dorm room with the right accessories is the key to popularity for many college students. On the other hand, a boring dorm room can lead to a social disaster. Fortunately, turning a basic dorm room into the campus "hot spot" isn't as hard as it seems, according to AP9 Companies, a collection of membership programs that offer a valuable and wide selection of exclusive discounts and services for nearly every facet of daily life.

A dorm room isn't just a place to sleep anymore, note AP9 Companies. Today, a college student's "home away from home" can serve a variety of different purposes -- from dance floor to personal movie theatre. That's why every dorm room needs to be stylish and equipped with the right accessories. Equally important, the room has to be a comfortable place to relax and unwind. And working in the right environment can also assist students with their studies -- helping ideas and innovation flourish.

Decorating a dorm room effectively can be as easy as covering the walls with posters of your favorite bands and movies -- from Animal House to Phish -- or having the best technology-- from an iPhone to Xbox 360. For the future interior decorators out there, who get to show off their decorating skills for the first time, the process can be a little bit more complicated. No matter what the theme of the dorm room, though, AP9 Companies want every college student to keep in mind the following dorm room accessories and decorating ideas.

-- Comfortable places for others to sit. A couch or futon is a valuable asset that every college student's dorm room should have. Not only will a couch or futon provide friends with a place to sit or even sleep, the right couch can also help improve the room's vibe.

-- Decor. The wall of a dorm room is the place for college students to express themselves. From cheap posters and collages to vintage memorabilia and wall art, the right decor can make or break the room.

-- Dry erase board. A dry erase board is great for keeping track of assignments, notes, photos and schedules. It can also serve as a valuable message center if it's placed outside the door.

-- Entertainment. After a long day of classes, watching a movie in the dorm can be the perfect way to relax. That's why a DVD player and television are necessities for every dorm room. Whether it's an iHome or a stereo, being able to play loud music is also a must.

-- Stylish rug. A big rug in the middle of the room will make the room look and feel more comfortable and inviting. Considering how hard institutional flooring can be, this can be crucial. A nice rug can also add much-needed style to the room.

Moving into a dorm room is the first time that most college students get to live on their own. As stressful as the process may seem, decorating a dorm room can be an exciting experience because of the new-found freedom involved. All it takes is a little bit of planning, but with the right accessories and decor, any dorm room can turn into one of the popular hangouts on campus, report AP9 Companies


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