Tips for Applying for SSDI or SSI Disability in 2009

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If you are applying for SSDI or SSI Disability in 2009, then you need to visit or call 1-800-507-4774. Leaders in helping disabled consumers win SSI Disability and SSDI benefits, the disability lawyers of Berry & Associates can help you apply for Social Security Disability.

Berry and Associates SSI lawyers help disabled consumers throughout the U.S.

Each year the Social Security Administration makes several changes to disability law. It is tough for the disabled consumer to keep up with these changes

Every year there are changes that occur to Social Security Disability law that impact people applying for SSI Disability and SSDI. What type of changes is new for 2009? The Social Security attorneys and disability lawyers at Berry & Associates are knowledgeable about changes to disability law and can help with your 2009 Social Security Disability application.

"Each year the Social Security Administration makes several changes to disability law. It is tough for the disabled consumer to keep up with these changes," explains Matt Berry, Founder and Principal of Berry and Associates. "Berry & Associates has a dedicated legal team that actively monitors shifts in Social Security Disability law. This helps us ensure the applications of our SSDI and SSI Disability clients are current and to the standards set by the SSA."

Information for Denied Applicants:
Was your SSDI or SSI Disability application denied? Applicants that answer "yes," remember don't give up! There is an appeal process designed for applicants that are denied. This process includes a Request for Reconsideration, and hearing before an ALJ (Administrative Law Judge). Too often a deserving Social Security Disability application submitted by a person without a disability attorney is denied because of errors made on the application itself. If the applicant is not currently working with a Social Security Disability attorney and your disability application has been denied, contact Berry & Associates and request to review your claim.

"We are finding the Social Security Administration is becoming stricter about disability applications. There has been a surge of applications for SSDI and SSI Disability, which has created for longer lines and increased wait times receive benefits," said Berry. "We are encouraging people to reach out to a disability lawyer earlier in the process. The sooner a person reaches out to a disability lawyer the sooner that lawyer can begin affecting the process by reviewing their claim and ensuring the medical evidence that the SSA will be looking for is documented."

Documenting Medical Evidence:
Without the proper medical evidence your disability claim's chances of winning benefits are dramatically reduced. Make sure you see your doctor regularly and ensure your doctor is recording and documenting your medical condition.

Specific information from your doctor about your medical condition will be of great value in providing evidence to the SSA about your disability claim. For example telling your doctor you have to catch your breath each time you walk 15 ft across a room, or up a staircase is much more valuable evidence than your doctor writing down you are having a hard time walking and not specifying how much you can walk without difficulties. Additional information about specific medical impairments can be found on Berry & Associates disability lawyer blog.

How can a Social Security Disability Lawyer Help?
Each person applying for SSDI or SSI Disability will need to ask, 'Should I contact a Social Security disability lawyer?' Your chances of winning benefits increase greatly if you contact a SSD lawyer before you file your initial disability application. When deciding you contact a Social Security Disability attorney you want to ensure the lawyer you are working with has significant experience in the courtroom and outside of the courtroom. Also make sure this disability lawyer has experience with winning Social Security Disability benefits for people with medical conditions similar to yours. Other indicators that lawyer being considered is a good choice includes knowing that Social Security law is a primary focus for this lawyer and that this lawyer will be prepared to travel to try you case in court if needed.

Advice for SSDI and SSI Disability Applicants:
Many SSDI and SSI Disability claims come down to providing the right medical evidence that documents the symptoms and impairments listed on your application. Having this information documented early is important as it can take years to win benefits in some cases. Don't wait until disability denied benefits before you focusing on building your case and submitting the right medical evidence. Don't feel like you need to self represent because you are nervous about attorney fees. A reliable Social Security law group such as Berry & Associates will only charge you attorney fees if you are awarded benefits. These fees will be based off of the back benefits you are awarded and not on future benefits that you will receive monthly.

Contact Berry & Associates for 2009 Disability Application Questions:
Need a Social Security lawyer for a SSDI or SSI Disability claim? Visit or call 1-800-507-4774.

About is maintained by Berry & Associates. Berry and Associates Social Security Disability lawyers are attorneys that can help with SSDI, SSD and SSI Disability benefit claims. Learn what we do to help consumers fight for disability benefits by calling 1-800-507-4774, or visiting


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