Regional Arbitration Provider, Conflict Solutions of Texas, Bucks Industry Trend by Offering Timely and Cost Effective Results

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Leading provider of arbitration and mediation services, Conflict Solutions of Texas, continues to provide quality arbitration services that deliver high quality results in less time and at far less cost than larger national providers and courts

Cost of Arbitration -- Conflict Solutions of Texas v. Large National Arbitration Provider

At Conflict Solutions, we have the metrics to show that by either of these measures we are the best alternative – not only to litigation – but to traditional arbitration service providers.

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Locally-based, regional arbitration provider, Conflict Solutions of Texas, continues to provide quality arbitration services that are demonstrably quicker and more cost effective than national arbitration providers or courts.

Arbitration is a hot topic nationally. A WALL STREET JOURNAL blog headline earlier this month asked, 'Has Arbitration Become More Burdensome than Litigation'. A litigator interviewed in the piece longed for the days when 'arbitration used to be a six-month process ‘from cradle to grave.’

Arbitration is still a six-month process at Conflict Solutions. According to George Brin, president and founder of Conflict Solutions of Texas, “We reject the notion that arbitration has to be expensive and slow. At Conflict Solutions, we have the metrics to show that by either of these measures we are the best alternative – not only to litigation – but to traditional arbitration service providers.”

Active Management Brings Closure

Conflict Solutions’ average arbitration runs 6.2 months “cradle to grave.” According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, that compares with 25.3 months and 18.4 months for jury and bench trials, respectively, in the 75 largest U.S. counties, and 7.9 months for domestic business-to-business cases administered by a large national provider of arbitration services. See Edna Sussman, Why Arbitrate? The Benefits and Savings, 20-OCT NYSBA Journal (2009).

Conflict Solutions’ top-flight arbitrators not only conduct full and fair hearings, they actively manage cases. Every case is governed by procedural rules that guarantee fairness. And Conflict Solutions’ arbitrators go beyond cookie-cutter rules to hold up-front hearings in all cases so that one-sized fits all rules and procedures can be tailored to the needs of individual cases. Some cases may require several depositions and hearings while others may be quickly developed and readied for a professional umpire to make an impartial call. Still others may cry out for a well-timed mediation. Conflict Solutions’ arbitrators stay involved and urge client involvement to make sure the case is readied for final hearing in a cost effective way. And it costs less to arbitrate actively managed cases.

Focus Clearly Reduces Costs

Conflict Solutions does not charge non-refundable filing fees – in fact there are no filing or administrative fees at all. “Conflict Solutions simply charges the arbitrator a percentage of his or her fee for its case administration. The parties simply deposit one-half of the estimated arbitration costs into a holding account, disbursements and replenishments are made as warranted, and unused portions are refunded to the parties at the conclusion of the arbitration. No up-front barriers to filing. Pay for what you use. Resolve your matter quickly and pay less,” said Wade Shelton, founder and partner in Conflict Solutions. The economic incentives are aligned with the rules and case management focus to deliver fair and cost effective results. One without the other threatens access to justice. The result of this dual focus is that the average fee in a Conflict Solutions arbitration is $15,169. That’s 23.8 percent of the $63,670 that it would have cost a San Antonio couple to arbitrate a foundation repair issue with a large national arbitration provider in 2004 dollars. See the reported case of Olshan Foundation Repair Co. v. Ayala, 180 S.W.3d 212 (Tex. App. – San Antonio 2005, review denied).

Best Umpires in the Business

We end where Conflict Solutions started – with the best arbitration panel in the business. According to Brin, “the men and women comprising the Arbitration Panel of Conflict Solutions represent the very highest standards for integrity, intellect and experience. We are very proud of that fact because we know that proper resolution of any dispute requires both absolute fairness and the ability to understand complex issues of fact and law.” Arbitration is best when it’s final – and there are increasingly fewer ways to challenge awards in court. But for those who want a second look, Conflict Solutions has expedited appellate panel rules and seasoned former appellate judges who can do just that – and still deliver best-in-class results in a timely and cost effective way.

“Conflict Solutions was created in response to a growing level of dissatisfaction with the expense and inefficiency of traditional arbitration services. We have designed a process that is far less expensive, quicker to resolution, and implemented by the finest Arbitration Panel in the industry,” added Brin.

For more information on Conflict Solutions visit or email sbroadnax(at)csoftx(dot)com.

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