Argan Oil Retailer NewVo Beauty Comments on a New Study Revealing How Copper Residue from Plumbing Can Damage Hair

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Following an article by Red Orbi, detailing a new study that reveals the damaging effects of copper on hair, NewVo Beauty shares advice on how to combat damaging elements.

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On June 25, NewVo Beauty, an online beauty supply store that offers products such as argan oil, reacts to a study that researched how copper from plumbing can be one of the leading causes of hair damage.

According to an article on Red Orbit, copper plumbing is the culprit to blame for some hair damage. The study, published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, stated that the copper is found in the plumbing and residue is transported by water onto an individual’s hair. Even plastic pipes can carry the element, since most hot water heaters are composed of copper.

The build-up of copper in hair can lead to increasing damage when exposed to sunlight, styling or dyeing. Dr. Jennifer Marsh explained in the article that “Coloring hair can create free radicals that damage the protein in the hair and the copper can catalyze that reaction. In the same way, UV exposure from going out in the sun can do the same thing over a longer period of time.”

The article also states that when styling hair by using blow dryers, the presence of copper makes it less effective. Since copper has already caused damage, the excess styling just aids in the decrease of overall hair health.

This type of damage hadn’t been previously discovered since copper is not visible under a microscope, according to the article. NewVo Beauty representative Sara Greenstone says that is it hard to battle all of the elements hair is exposed to, especially since it’s not always so obvious. “When you expose your hair to heat, you know that it could potentially harm your hair. When you wash your hair, it’s normal to think nothing of it,” she says.

“In order to assure that you are not adding chemicals in your hair that you don’t need, try using environmentally friendly hair care lines like Pureology,” says Greenstone. “This line helps strip your hair of chemicals you don’t want and also provides you with the ingredients you do want.”

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