Mesa Arizona Air Conditioning Service Center, American Cooling and Heating, Announces New May 2013 50% Reduction For Full System AC Maintenance Services

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AC&H Extends Full-Service AC Maintenance Discount In AZ Throughout Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale and Tempe. Don’t Let This May 2013 Special Slip Into the Yesterday’s of Opportunity.

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American Cooling And Heating

Mesa AZ Service Experts

American Cooling and Heating is here to help trim the expenses, ensure the buyer of effective ROI value, and backup the commitment with reliable, 24-hour scheduling. Right now and throughout the month of May 2013, AC&H kicks profit into the wind and offers Mesa AZ residents a 50% reduction toward full-featured, quality-focused AC maintenance.

“Our professional AC maintenance techs actually service your equipment. This means we clean the coils, measure the electrical performance, check refrigerant pressures, examining temperature splits and more. At AC&H maintenance refers to full-system service,”
(American Cooling and Heating, Mesa area Service Manager.)

Feature-Balance Mesa Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

With the rising Arizona heat index, homeowners and business owners throughout the region of Mesa, Scottsdale and Gilbert are facing sub-standard performance from their installed air conditioning systems. It’s time for a bi-annual AC maintenance, but the costs and the perceived return on investment (ROI) generates concern over prematurely calling in a professional air conditioning technician.

Think about it.

When area consumers dig into the core features of the average Mesa AC tune-up offer, they often discover that the process is limited to a visual inspection complemented with refrigerant top-off for an additional charge. All the important air conditioning maintenance features remain outside the scope of the vendor’s tune-up performance specifications.

Yet to be effective and efficient, an Arizona AC maintenance program must include a comprehensive system makeover. For example: The average Mesa AC tune-up includes removal of the front cover, a visual once-over of the coils and a quick check concerning the refrigerant pressure. The process barely qualifies as a bi-annual checkup, much less as a bi-annual air conditioning performance maintenance program.

American Cooling and Heating understands this difference. The standard AC&H system maintenance process includes pulling the cover, visually examining the coils and checking the unit’s refrigerant pressure, but these are merely one segment of the complete AC&H air conditioning maintenance services. The full American Cooling and Heating AC system continuance program includes:

  •     Physically Cleaning the Evaporator Coils
  •     Physically Cleaning the Condenser Coils
  •     Physically Cleaning the Drain Pan
  •     Physically Cleaning the Drain Line
  •     Checking System Amperage
  •     Checking System Voltage Flow
  •     Checking Refrigerant Pressures
  •     Comparing Suction Saturation Temperatures to Suction Line Temperatures
  •     Testing the Unit's Subcooling Rates
  •     Comparing Ambient Temperature to Condensing Temperature
  •     Examining Electrical Connections
  •     Measuring the Practical Operating Performance of the Equipment
  •     And More.

With the AC&H bi-annual AC maintenance program, homeowners receive value-added physical AC services and testing that other Mesa, Gilbert and Scottsdale AC repair centers often present as “additionally priced” service requirements. And now, throughout the month of May 2013, area homeowners and business owners can get it all for a mere 50% of the already cost-efficient AC&H maintenance package.

Primary AC Performance Terms – An HVAC Glossary
When Scottsdale AC service techs use words such as Ambient Temperature, Condensing Temperature, Subcooling, Superheat and Temperature Splits buyers seldom understand the meanings, much less the importance of measuring such values. Although AC&H offers an onsite HVAC Glossary, the following brief will help enhance buyer understanding.

AC technicians can use condensing temperatures as a resource for identifying problems within a refrigeration system. Measurements are taken on the high side and the low side of the condenser readings. Likewise, the heat generated by the compression stroke of the unit plays a role in determining system reliability and system problems.

Superheating refers to the gases that pass through the system's standard condenser tubes. When processed correctly, these gases are changed from vapor to liquid. The process is defined as de-superheating. Changing vapor to liquid is the primary function of an AC unit's condenser system.

Subcooling takes place as a final function of the system's condenser. In this process, the “100-percent saturated” liquid produced during the de-superheating and condensing functions of the process are further chilled by lowering the liquid temperature nearer to the evaporating temperature.

Temperature Splits reflect the difference between the condensing temperature and the ambient. It is measured by subtracting the ambient temperature from the condensing temperature. When a tech measures a low temperature split, he or she can immediately determine that the evaporator is not functioning efficiently.

Potential problems related to low split readings include:

  •     Faulty evaporator fan
  •     Compromised compressor
  •     Plugged filter-drier
  •     AND a frosted over evaporator coil.

On the flip side, a high split indicates complications in the performance of the condenser. Possible problems may include:

  •     Condenser fan failure
  •     Electrical component failure
  •     Large heat load.

Technicians at American Cooling and Heating understand the importance of taking these measurements. The internal performance of a system’s condenser directly influences the entire performance of the unit’s refrigeration system. Any worthwhile Mesa AC maintenance program must include taking the correct measurements, and knowing how to troubleshoot the high side and the low side of the refrigeration system.

American Cooling and Heating Mesa-Centered 50% Off on May 2013 Maintenance Services
Bi-annual air conditioning maintenance is to an AC unit what oil changes are to vehicles. It’s all about efficient performance. AC&H provides full-service maintenance via certified Mesa AC technicians. The company is licensed, bonded and insured to operate throughout the area of Phoenix AZ.

Residential, Industrial or Commercial, NATE accredited AC&H provides quality air conditioning service workmanship that is 100% guaranteed. Expert AC Repair and AC Replacement of Carrier, Goodman, Amana, Rheem, Trane, Lennox, Ruud, York, and all brands and types of Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Units and all AC Systems.

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