Lucio Salvatore, Considered the Most Promising Emerging Italian Artist ("Il Messaggero", 2007), Charmed New York with his First Solo Exhibition in the Heart of Soho

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Lucio Salvatore first solo show in New York just closed with a great success of public: the collectors fought for the few artworks available for sale, being most of the exhibition reserved before the opening: the guest list included music mogul Clive Davis, Architect Renzo Piano and Giorgio Armani who honored the show with their presence.

lucio Salvatore - New York Exhibition

The Beginning of everything is the Infinite

In Soho few galleries are still capable of attracting business professionals, certainly not the Grant Gallery, a beautiful space that too often recycles past shows of mediocre figurative Russian painters; but this past November walking in Mercer St, the eyes of people passing by the gallery windows were captured by the light coming from the works exhibited by the artist Lucio Salvatore.

The artist is not Russian, but Italian and his pieces flew directly from the Mediterranean coast only a few days after they were completed. The light of their colors, the golden, the reds and the blues carried all the energy of the ancient powerful land of Aeneas' descendants.

We understand that the show was not programmed and came out very spontaneously: Salvatore, who isolates himself from the rest of the world while he is creating in his studio, decided that this was a good time for showing in New York and Mrs Grant after a series of unsuccessful shows took the chance of revitalizing, even if for one month only, her forgotten gallery. The results were great, the show was beautiful and the number of people that visited the gallery was a record of more than 3000, not bad for an artist that is totally unknown to the New York Public.

Both the artist and the gallery owner closed their collaboration happily and followed their paths after this one time exhibition together.

Talking to the artist we got some information and we completed our search surfing the net and above all, looking at his amazing work.

Lucio Salvatore was born in Cassino the 3rd of May 1975, he followed classical studies, humanities and philosophy; he graduated in Business, Bocconi University, Milan.

Before and After this parenthesis in scientific studies he devoted himself to his art.

Salvatore's work is not about perfection, it is about feeling; it is not about technique, it is about freedom.

He photographs and prints, paints on canvas, glass or Plexiglas, he carves stones and films his creations, he starts from the beginning and ends up in the same beginning, his work his circular, goes in circles, like time and eternity.

His art doesn't have reference in the media, fashion, pop and art industry culture; it is devoted to the beginning of thought and tries to find a way to bring its meanings to manifestation.

Lucio Salvatore's art is about what is to come: this doesn't mean that what is to come hasn't happened yet.

In his art the beginning contains the end, the beginning determined the path that brings to the end; the end is the same as the beginning; this place is where Salvatore's art finds its raison d'etre.

When asked about his art being abstract or figurative he answers with another question: How real is a word? And how obvious is the essential esthetic of a word? Salvatore's work leaves his viewer with this question. His work is not about representation, doesn't refer to any object, it is just a manifestation of his own subject, language from thought to silence.

At the New York exhibition (November 1st to December 1st 2007, Grant Gallery, 7 Mercer St) for the first time the artist made public a statement about his own art; it was written on the press release and it was a paragraph taken from a letter to a collector that had purchased one of his favorite Works, Arche' (n.4 50x62 inch, c prints mounted on Plexiglass):

Arche' ton onton to apeiron: "The Beginning of everything is the Infinite"

"This fragment, from the origin of Western civilization's Thought, is from the Greek philosopher, Anassimandro di Mileto, and its meaning is: The beginning that destines and governs until the end is the infinite=limitless.

The infinite is without limits. To be loyal to Destiny, every human being has to accept the limitless, flowing nature of every event of life. Most of the time, we imprison ourselves in certain frames, trying to keep them forever even when their time is over. Failing to accept the Beauty of discovering and the uncertainty of life, we are afraid of the dynamic nature of Time.

Freedom is acceptance of the always-becoming nature of life's experiences, of the changing of meanings and events that happen, and that we cannot expect to last more or less than they must last, according to the necessity.

This is the ethic behind the fragment; this is the beginning and the end of my Art".

The artist works mainly in his studio is located in the heart of central Italy, in the countryside dominated by Montecassino Abbey, halfway between Rome and Naples. He works there mainly from the end of the spring to the beginning of autumn.

The reason is that he mainly works outdoor and his experiments with fire and the resins used require a warm and safe environment. Salvatore creates most of his works in the bottom of a pool that is the centre of his studio, the house where he grew up.

This place became particularly meaningful after many years of traveling and living abroad, Salvatore has in fact recently moved his studio back from Brazil to the Mediterranean coast, where he finds the energy in the park surrounding the studio.

Salvatore career is very atypical, it has developed outside the Art industry rules, but at the same time it is well established in big private collections, and this gap shows the impressive potential of this young artist; his exhibitions are very exclusive private events, as very impressive is the quality of the people attending. Collectors fly to Naples airport and take a 50 min drive to the studio to get to see the work at the end of the creative season, before it starts its international tour.

Salvatore in fact brings his art to people, like a rock artist at the beginning of the seventies, he goes on road tours to show his art very simply and directly: regardless the size and the importance of the artworks he just brings it to where the art is supposed to be, a garden, a quarry, a gallery, at the corner of a forgotten street.

Continuing our search on the internet we found that the artist had solo shows in Berlin (but the artist underlines the fact that that show was before he found his roots as an artists), that he was invited to exhibit 3 times in Milan during the famous furniture and design fair, which is the most creative event in Italy; he also exhibited 2 times in the very exclusive Caribbean island of St Barths, during Christmas and new years period.

Seeing the pictures of his opening receptions we found that his art lovers go Diane von Furstenberg to Clive Davis, art Dealer Jane Holzer, Architect Renzo Piano, Actress Natascha Richardson, Giorgio Armani to name few.

For more information on the artist, contact Juniper PR, e-mail Juniper PR 315 Bleecker St, suite 103, New York NY 10014


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