Internet Income University Believes The Need For Quality Article Directory Sites Has Increased After Google Penguin Update

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Article directory sites have taken a hit since the recent Google Penguin update, which has prompted many online marketing training websites like Internet Income University to reiterate their focus on teaching new online marketers how to find the right article sites and how to use these websites to their advantage, without "taking advantage" of the arrangement by using them to post numerous low-quality articles just for backlinks.

Many websites increase their SEO effectiveness by submitting articles to article directory sites. This allows the article site to continuously receive free content, and in exchange, the writer is allowed to backlink to their own website, thus helping to increase that website's visibility to Google. However, with the recent Penguin update, which was designed to prohibit those who are using the system to artificially boost their pagerank by using unnatural backlinks, this comfy arrangement between article directories and writers may no longer be win-win. According to Internet Income University, this will not greatly affect those who have always used "whitehat" SEO methods, as the update is meant to weed out those who use link spam and other unethical methods to increase their page ranks. However, there are still a few things that should be considered when using article directory submission as an SEO strategy.

According to Matt Cutts, an associate of Google, the new Penguin update will be "jarring and jolting" for a while, as the new Google update will penalize any sites that have artificially high pageranks due to a high amount of low quality backlinks. Since many of the hundreds of thousands of article directory sites have very few requirements for submission, backlinks coming from these sites are no longer automatically considered legitimate. Many websites have used the article directory arrangement to unscrupulously send hundreds or even thousands of links back to their own website, without providing any quality information in the “articles”. In short, what this new update seeks to ensure is that the information is valuable to the users. As Matt Cutts said at an appearance at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Francisco this August:

“We don’t care whether we make money or lose money. … The question is.. Is this good for the user?”

However, this does not mean that all articles submitted to article directories are a waste of time. The thing that Google is trying to ensure with the new update is that all backlinks are natural, quality links, coming from informative articles which are relevant to the website they are linking to and posted on a legitimate online directory. So, the way to ensure that the links coming from article directories will boost pagerank, instead of harm the website’s SEO efforts, is to make sure that quality is the first priority.

Websites will now have to focus on providing quality content, rather than simply trying to get the link posted for SEO purposes. As long as the article is informative and relevant to the site that it is backlinking to, there should be no problem. However, the quality of the article directory they post on will also have to be taken into consideration. Posting on quality article directory sites, will result in quality backlinks. These are trusted sites, which only post good quality articles, so Google views links from these sites favorably. Conversely, posting to low quality articles sites will most often result in low quality backlinks, and this might hinder efforts to rank a website. A full article directory review gives more information.

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