Eye-opening Scriptural, Scientific Analysis Reveals Distinct Parallels

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New nonfiction shows how ideas of science and theology converge when examined properly.

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Scientists and theologians have long butted heads over the same centuries-old issues: the age of the Earth, the theories of evolution versus intelligent design, the existence of God. A standoff persists; a schism still divides the two camps. But what if everyone was playing for the same team all along, what if reconciliation between the theories of science and religion exists under the surface? The Articles of Configuration: The Genesis Project (published by AuthorHouse), the new nonfiction by Carl D. Armstrong, is full of compelling arguments and unprecedented evidence seeking to prove the inherent connections between scientific principles and biblical interpretation.

Going beyond just a simple discussion of the heretofore conflicting evidence presented by both sides of the argument, The Articles of Configuration takes basic principles discovered by science and shows how they are, Armstrong asserts, irrefutably embedded in Scripture. Even the latest cutting edge scientific discoveries correspond with his theories. The author explains:

"For example, scientists studying string and membrane theory have ‘discovered’ that there are seven ‘curled up’ invisible dimensions that we do not see. On the other hand, a little child reading the Scriptures through the eyes of faith would say that the Seven Spirits of God in the invisible realm brought forth the visible world we see with our natural eyes. Even more astounding is that the patterns for macro astrophysics and micro DNA are encoded in the Hebrew candlestick that was built according to the pattern shown to Moses when the Israelites were wandering in the desert. How could a symbol built 3500 years ago be the pattern of the sun, moon, stars as well as DNA and be the same pattern as that now being discovered by our scientists?"

In just 11 succinct chapters, The Articles of Configuration emerges and stands out amongst the plethora of literature as it offers not an analysis of the differences between science and theology, but rather a compelling collection of evidence supporting the idea that science has merely been playing “catch up” in order to converge with Scripture. Co-currently, theologians are discovering deeper truths. Expand your ideas of how the universe really works in this unprecedented new nonfiction.

About the Author
Carl D. Armstrong is a native of Missouri and graduated from Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy with a degree in engineering. He, and his wife Connie, have five children and have lived in Texas, North Carolina and Tennessee. They currently reside in southeast Missouri on the farm where the author spent his childhood in a 1795 restored farm home with an interior log cabin. Armstrong has worked with a number of companies producing medicines, organics and farm products and is currently president of a land corporation. Missionary trips to Haiti and Africa, along with travels to Israel and a strong interest in both scientific and spiritual studies, contributed to the impetus for writing The Articles of Configuration, his first published book as an individual author.

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