Asher Enterprises Provides Small Companies with Alternative Loan Options

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Starting a brand new small business can be challenging on many levels, but securing the necessary funding is one of the most challenging parts of all. A company called Asher Enterprises, Inc. is seeking to provide small businesses with alternatives to conventional loans.

Launching a brand new small business can be exciting, but it can also be highly challenging. Evaluating current market conditions and establishing the parameters of the business’ vision can both prove daunting, but, for many entrepreneurs, the hardest part of starting a new company is securing the necessary funding. A recent Huffington Post article notes that, for small business owners, there are many traditional lenders that are willing to provide business loans, but for some small business owners, this is not the most desirable course of action. A company called Asher Enterprises, Inc., on the other hand, offers small business owners with alternatives to these traditional loans.

According to the Huffington Post article, securing a business loan from a conventional lender is a potentially challenging prospect on many levels. In fact, the article notes that many of the best-known banks in the country are actually rated as some of the worst lenders for small businesses. Because entrepreneurs cannot necessarily trust the reputations of these banks, it can make them hesitant to accept a loan from anyone.

Asher Enterprises, Inc., however, is an investment company that seeks promising, small-cap businesses to invest in. Asher provides the funding that these small companies need in order to meet their start-up costs and get their businesses off the ground. According to a new press statement from Asher Enterprises, Inc., the company is zealous for providing an alternative to traditional loans.

“Some small business owners simply do not have confidence in banks, or do not wish to deal with the strings attached to conventional loans,” says the Asher statement. “Asher Enterprises can provide these business owners with a useful, pragmatic alternative.”

Indeed, though Asher Enterprises, Inc. is always careful to maximize the value received by its own investors, the company has a sincere passion for seeing small companies get off the ground. “Seeing entrepreneurs make their dreams into realities, and launch these companies without the involvement of traditional lenders, is truly rewarding work,” continues Asher’s statement.

The Great Neck, New York-based company has long been committed to small business, believing it to be the true backbone of the American economy. “Investing in small business is one of the best things any of us could do,” concludes the press statement. “That’s an investment that is sure to pay off in the long run, so vital is small business to the American economic landscape.”


Asher Enterprises, Inc. in Great Neck, New York, is a privately owned investment company devoted to lending money to small-cap businesses and start-up companies. These loans are tremendously beneficial to small businesses seeking to keep up with growth and development costs. The company provides funding derived solely from its own assets and accounts, not from third parties or conventional lenders. Asher Enterprises is committed to its vision of being an important financial ally to its borrowers, helping them to grow their companies and ultimately reach their full potential, all while maximizing shareholder values.

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