Asset Owners Learn Hidden Risks of Economic Slowdown

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As financial leaders seek to prevent a market meltdown and recession, patent-pending Bulletproof Veil service introduces new online risk assessment to help people understand and eliminate asset protection risks arising from US economic woes.

Most people find it surprisingly difficult to get a good asset protection diagnosis, because traditional service providers are driven by a need to sell specific products

Every day, Rees Jensen gets an up-close and personal look at the impact of the US credit crunch and sub-prime mortgage fiasco on private investors and business owners. "We know a lot of people who are deep into real estate and securities", says Jensen. "They've seen six- or seven figure losses in their asset values in a matter of weeks."

Jensen's company, Compliance Management & Insight, Inc. (CMI), providers of the Bulletproof Veil service, exposes unseen liabilities that can be triggered or intensified by an economic slowdown. "Experienced investors have dealt with weak markets before, and usually know what to expect. But until they work with us, most fail to understand the hidden asset protection risks triggered by an economic slowdown."

Take the LLC owner who has invested in both real estate and securities through his business entity. "Seeing his stock and property values drop is bad enough, but has this investor identified and resolved less obvious problems that could end up costing as much or more than the loss in asset value?" Jensen asks.

CMI has introduced a new online risk assessment that gives asset owners a quick and objective look at potential areas of exposure. The company has also begun offering a comprehensive asset protection audit for those people seeking a more in-depth review of their risks.

"Most people find it surprisingly difficult to get a good asset protection diagnosis, because traditional service providers are driven by a need to sell specific products", says Jensen, President and CEO of CMI. "We help clients identify and remove weaknesses that put their wealth at risk, regardless of the source of the threat."

For example, what if the LLC owner mentioned above has made the common error of signing personal guarantees to secure mortgages in the LLC's name? What if he has partners demanding payouts dependent on investment properties that just aren't selling? What if he owns stock via a variable life insurance policy that's near collapse due to share price drops?

The investor might have to dip heavily into his personal assets to avoid defaulting on LLC mortgages. His litigation risk might shoot up if he can't honor payment obligations. He even might have to sell other assets and write a very large check to keep the insurance policy solvent.

Jensen notes that these costly problems can usually be avoided if the proper actions are taken in advance. CMI's Bulletproof Veil service helps people identify and solve hidden business and personal liability problems before they take a bite out of the bank account.

"We have a unique method of leveraging both legal experts and proprietary technology, so we don't have to base our services on the billable hour model used by most legal professionals," says Stanford Graham, a founder and Chief Legal Counsel for CMI. "As a result, we are a much more cost-effective way to solve these problems."

"Our new online risk assessment and asset protection audit give people good, objective diagnostic information without committing them to any particular product or strategy" says Graham. "With our approach, we can bring an entire team of attorneys and asset protection experts to review all your personal and business assets, identify your specific problems, explain what needs to be fixed, and fix it".

For one flat fee, Bulletproof Veil experts assigned to you take responsibility for managing your "fix-it" list until all the problems are resolved. What's more, they also provide continuous monitoring to help prevent future problems from cropping up.

"Bulletproof Veil is the only service of its kind in the United States", says CEO Jensen. "We've never found a business owner that wasn't exposed to significant compliance problems or at risk with serious liabilities in their operations."

The Bulletproof Veil model is obviously working. More than 95% of their clients continue to renew their annual subscriptions since Bulletproof Veil opened its doors in late 2002.

For help identifying potential risks and problems you may not even know you have, Bulletproof Veil offers a free 5-minute online risk assessment on their website at

About Bulletproof Veil: Bulletproof Veil, a service of CMI, Inc., is the nation's leading comprehensive corporate governance and asset protection service provider. Private business owners all across the country are protecting their business and personal assets through this exclusive service. Both the online risk assessment and more information about Bulletproof Veil can be viewed at or, you can call and speak with one of their experts at (888) 716-3180.


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