A Greener Alternative for Auto Transport

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Shipping vehicles with Dependable Auto Shippers makes a positive impact in the fight to save our environment from global warming.

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Changes, both big and small, can add up and make a real difference in the fight against global warming.

Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS) is participating in the fight to save the environment. In 2005, DAS saved over 2.9 million gallons of fuel resulting in more than a 38 million pound reduction in greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.

It might be hard to imagine that by choosing an auto transport company to ship a vehicle rather than driving from origin to destination, one would be contributing to the fight against global warming, but when it comes to global warming, how and what we drive are two of our most powerful choices. Transportation is the biggest source of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions, more than factories or homes.

FACTS: The burning of fossil fuels (gasoline, diesel, etc.) to facilitate transportation and the subsequent release of carbon dioxide and other suspected greenhouse gases is under strong critique and their reduction is considered an ambitious but necessary objective if we are to fight global warming.

The following emission data is from the Department of Energy website at http://www.DOE.gov.


One gallon of gasoline produces         19.564 lbs of carbon dioxide

Average mpg for a car or SUV         19 mpg

One gallon of diesel produces        22.384 pounds of carbon dioxide

Average mpg for a DAS truck/transport    4.7 mpg (DAS avg. mpg, 2005)

In 2005, DAS shipped 95,241 vehicles. Using the date above, we conclude:

Vehicles shipped                95,241

Miles driven by DAS truck/transports    31,713,559

Gallons of diesel consumed            6,747,566

Pounds of carbon dioxide generated    151,037,512

If the individuals who owned the cars drove them from the origin to the destination, the following would be the estimated fuel and emission effect:

Vehicles driven                95,241

Driven miles (based on origin/destination)    183,797,647

Gallons of fuel consumed            9,673,560

Pounds of carbon dioxide generated    189,253,535

This brings us to the conclusion that there were 2,925,995 gallons of fuel saved, and a 38,216,024 pound reduction of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.

"We realize that not every vehicle can be shipped rather than driven. However, DAS takes pride in knowing that our way of doing business is actually having a positive affect on global warming," says John Roehll, Executive Vice President, Dependable Auto Shippers. "Changes, both big and small, can add up and make a real difference in the fight against global warming."

Dependable Auto Shippers (http://www.dasautoshippers.com/) is the United States' largest privately owned provider of vehicle relocation services. Founded in 1954, Dependable Auto Shippers operates from its headquarters in Texas, with branch offices in Chicago, New Jersey, California, and Florida. Using a network of 95+ terminals worldwide, DAS ships cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles around the world. With a variety of different auto transport vehicles to choose from, a customer can choose to have their vehicle shipped in an enclosed truck, or delivered to the smallest side street on a flat-bed. DAS offers the convenience of either door-to-door pick-up and delivery, or pick-up and delivery to a terminal. For more information about auto shipping with DAS, visit http://www.dasautoshippers.com/.

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