Ayurveda Marma Therapy Course (puntos marma) Offered in 2013 by Leading Ayurvedic School in Mexico

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La Escuela de Ayurveda de California announces its international 2013 body therapy courses in Mexico, DF.

Ayurveda Basti

Ayurveda Basti

Marma therapy is an ancient science in ayurvedic medicine where the practitioner gets access to the patients body and mind to bring about healing.

Ayurveda is considered to be the medicinal side to Yoga. It literally means "the knowledge of life", and it teaches how to live harmoniously with our environment and our bodies. Like Yoga, Ayurvedic medicine is a holistic science that promotes well-being at the level of the body, mind and spirit. It teaches us that disease is the end result of the lack of harmony in our daily lives. Through a variety of natural techniques, including herbal medicines, panchakarma, and lifestyle counseling, balance and health is restored sustainably.

Have you ever wondered why we become sick or what is the end cause of disease? Understanding this is very profound and yet simple: once we understand the cause of disease we can begin heal. Ayurveda teaches us that all disease begins when we are living out of harmony with our environment. When we take in inappropriate impressions from our environment through any of our senses, we choose to weaken the body and create an internal environment which supports the creation of disease. We could disrupt our body's internal energy flow. The Ayurveda studies program offered teaches all the principles of living in harmony with the environment.

Healing through Ayurvedic Medicine involves all five senses. Through taste, we utilize proper diet and herbs. Through sight, we utilize proper color and beauty. Through smell, we utilize aromatherapy. Through sound, we utilize music and sound energies. Finally, through our skin we take in specially prepared herbal oils and receive ayurvedic massage (abhyanga). In addition to five sense therapy, Ayurveda advocates the periodic removal of accumulated toxins and food residues through specialized purification procedures called panchakarma.

La Escuela de Ayurveda de California is a leading institution offering high quality Ayurvedic training in Mexico, Latin America and Spain. In april, 2013, the Ayurvedic Foundations Course (Curso de Fundamentos de Ayurveda) and Marma therapy course (puntos marma) will be offered in Mexico City.

The school is currently also accepting enrollment in the Ayurvedic Health Educator Program (Educador de Salud Ayurveda) available in Colombia, Ayurveda España, Chile, México, Ecuador, and Argentina.

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