Aztec Oil & Gas, Inc. Sees Exploration and Drilling as Answers to Fuel Crisis

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As many Americans struggle with soaring fuel costs, Aztec Oil & Gas posits an increased emphasis on drilling and exploration as the most reasonable solution.

Throughout America, many families are struggling with soaring gasoline prices. In some states, the price for a gallon of gasoline is well over $4, and some areas expect to see costs exceed the $5 mark. While this expense varies from one state to the next, no area of the country is exempt from the spike in fuel prices. Many economists expect there to be an eventual tapering off in this cost spike, but this is speculative at best; meanwhile, members of the oil and gas production industry say that there are specific actions that can be taken to help take some of the cost burden off American families. For companies like Aztec Oil & Gas, Inc. for instance, the answer lies in increased drilling and exploration among America’s own domestic oil assets.

Indeed, Waylan Johnson, the President of Houston-based Aztec Oil & Gas, reveals in a press statement that falling back on domestic oil reserves is the simplest and most efficient solution to America’s fuel crisis. “While there are some who remain opposed to the idea of increased oil exploration in the U.S., it really is the most efficient and effective answer to these escalating gasoline prices,” says Johnson. “This country is fortunate enough to have oil reserves that have not been anywhere close to fully explored, and tapping into those reserves is the best way to approach our energy problems.”

The Aztec Oil & Gas President is hardly the only one to feel this way. Johnson and other proponents of increased oil exploration say that the current oil situation mirrors the natural gas situation of just a few years ago.

“The overall price of natural gas has dropped dramatically over the past several years,” affirms Johnson. “The size of most consumers’ natural gas bill has taken a big drop over the past few years, and it may continue to drop.” While the reasons for the decline in natural gas cost is partly due to mildweather conditions, making for a higher-than-usual production versus usage in recent months, but it is mostly due to increased exploration of America’s natural resources, Johnson says. “The biggest factor is definitely an increase in supply, which comes from more drilling in previously under-exploited formations in many areas of the nation.”

Johnson notes that this increase in gas supply has proven a boon to many Americans, and that the same could easily prove true were America to increase drilling and exploration for oil. While this is not a guarantee, and a price drop in gasoline would not happen overnight, Johnson says increasing the nation’s oil supply cannot help but be beneficial to consumers.

“The reality of natural gas production goes to show how much better off we are when we take full advantage of the natural resources that we have,” says Johnson. “While some restrictions may prove helpful in certain cases, we ultimately would benefit from lifting some of the more onerous restrictions currently in place, and increasing our willingness to explore and exploit America’s oil deposits.”


Aztec Oil & Gas, Inc. is an energy company based out of Houston, Texas, with its operations office in Spicewood (Austin), Texas. The company is devoted to minimizing the financial risk factors traditionally associated with oil and natural gas exploration, and presently drills, and participates in, over 100 wells per year. For additional information, visit

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