Back To School Posters Now Come from Specialty Design Boutiques - Math, Philosophy, Physics, English Literature and Music Posters for Geeks and non-Geeks

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Forget about the drab lifeless wallhangings once called "educational posters". Specialized design boutiques now turn out posters that bring brilliant upscale design and passion to topics as diverse as Math, Physics, Philosophy, English Literature and Music. They may be one of the Internet's best kept secrets - and the world has, as the saying goes, quietly beat a path to their door.

Back To School

Post-modernism tried to make the entire accretion of western cultural history disposable. Even as it succeeded it failed. Our past only becomes more exciting, and more vital

At, headquarters for the Internet's most coveted posters, the countdown to the new academic year has everyone working overtime.

One of the Internet's best-kept secrets, is an association of the web's and the world's best poster boutiques, each taking their subject seriously and lovingly, in unique classic and contemporary designs.

With almost no advertising, the world quite literally beat a path to their door. As a spokesperson said: 'We decided to put the money and effort where it matters to purchasers - into the designs, continual creation of new designs, and the quality of the posters themselves'. Customers ranging from prestigious international academies, neighborhood schools, professionals and aficionados, and kids so young their parents have to order for them - all seem to agree. started with a unique series of poster prints and matching tshirts - The Mathematicians - A History of Ideas a unique visual tour de force, which is a virtual history of mathematics, and has become a standard. Covering mathematicians from the early Greeks like Pythagoras, Zeno, Archimedes, thru Hypatia and Euclid, to Descartes, Fermat, Pascal, Ada Byron Lady Lovelace, and the crucible of calculus Newton, Leibniz, Euler, Lagrange and Laplace, to the fiery brilliance of Gauss, Riemann and Cantor, it portrays individuals and their work which built the foundations for the modern age, and whose ideas are manifested in the world around us.

The bold posters and tshirts today include dozens of different designs - ranging from the Golden Ratio, Leonardo da Vinci, Fibonacci, Art and Math to plays on the logic of Kurt Godel, and David Hilbert standing in front of his unique "Hotel".

The physics posters series centers on 'The Quantum Physics of Genesis'. There is also a series of mugs which tickles subjects as diverse as entropy, topology, and wave mechanics. The Heisenberg-at-a-traffic-stop is a favorite 'No, officer, I don't know how fast I was going, but I know exactly where I am'. Computer posters and tshirts riff on topics like computer help departments, unix and linux, Stonehenge and the number "42" (also known as the secret of life according to Douglas Adams and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). And there is an entire series of "Geek" pride designs.

At the center of it all is the PI Department - world headquarters for Pi, offering dozens of different Pi posters, shirts, and gifts, and such specialties as the 31.4 foot long pi scroll, and the 4 ft x8 ft Million Digits of Pi poster. It is also world headquarters for Pi Day, March 14th, and the ground zero where the Giant Pi makes its annual drop on Pi Day at 1:59 pm (03.14.1:59 - the beginning digits of Pi). Currently, the Pi Games are being celebrated in the Pi Department. And the Pi-of-the-Month Club enables a worldwide membership to get their monthly jolt of Pi. Also on display is the Pi's Pi Video. And don't forget to visit the PiOMatic Billion Digits of Pi Dispenser in the Pi Diner.

The new grunge style Pi Trilogy series of Decimal, Hex, and Binary Pi posters was developed specifically as set dressing for the new Terminator - Sarah Connor Chronicles television series, and is now available on site.

Upcoming special days celebrated with posters and Tshirts are Talk Like a Pi-rate Day September 19th, and Mole Day, in honor of Avogadro's Number, October 23rd.

International blogger Damian Lanigan, who blogs for Britain's venerable Telegraph newspaper chain, and confesses that he's 'no fan of t-shirts', happily advised his readers that he made an exception for what he saw at

What elicited his laud was 'The Philosophers' - a striking visual history of Western philosophy told on posters and tshirts, which picks up where The Mathematicians left off. It presents a visual chronicle of Western philosophy, from the early Greeks, and Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, through Aquinas, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Spinoza, Locke and Kant - to Schopenhauer, Hegel, Kierkegaard and Nieztsche, culminating with Wittgenstein - and several others in between, a pantheon of 20 of history's great philosophers.

Huge panoramas of the School of Athens (Raphael) and Apotheosis of Homer (Ingres) are also available, along with diversions for hard working philosophers - philosophy humor tshirts and mugs providing the lighter but still perplexing side of philosophy. Two favorites: A silhouette of a sheep, along with the notation that 'This is a black sheep. On one side anyway' and a stylized amphora of a man struggling against a rock advising that 'Sisyphus was a Pusher'.

Hollywood set decorators looking for upscale posters for high school and university sets were among the first to discover Authors from Shakespeare to Kafka - whose work is presented in a trilogy -were reinterpreted in poster designs on this unique site. Poe's Raven, Charlotte and Emily Bronte, classic science fiction including Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and even the bifurcated personality of Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are among the classic literary personalities and their authors given unique and expressive new life on this site. The Beowulf movie, and the increasing interest in medieval literature gave rise to a spin-off: Almost all items are available printed on tshirts and sometimes mugs also. is the home of the classic official Beethoven sweatshirt. And in addition to classic interpretations of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, and Mahler, it features an upscale contemporary reinterpretation of the classics - the Classical Rocks series.

In the Beginning - How it all started - the story of LeVerre

After a visit to, Daily Dish blogger Andrew Sullivan, a popular doyen of blogs and blogging, advised his readers that the 'cool philosophical accessories on sale' at 'sure beat Che Guevara'.

In doing so, he was reading the mind of LeVerre, the eminence gris design force behind these boutique studios, a long-time and accomplished professional designer, who believes it is appropriate to remain anonymous - 'the work, not the designer, is what is important'- and goes by the pseudonym "Le Verre" - the glass. The impetus for the enterprise came about when, late in life, Leverre, observing yet another Che Guevara tshirt in the street, resolved that the cyanide drip to which Western culture had become addicted needed an enthusiastic alternative.

LeVerre was unhappy not with Popular Culture itself, but with what it had left off the table: "Post-modernism tried to make the entire accretion of western cultural history disposable. Even as it succeeded it failed. Our past only becomes more exciting, and more vital".

From the LeVerre manifesto:

...The subject matter of Popular culture seldom has the shelf life of the media it is distributed on. History has been foreshortened - often extending back only to what was on the news at breakfast. ... The Internet permits huge niches to be addressed - but it too often displays the same goods, the same services, and ultimately the same ideas as the corner store. If Plato were alive today, would he be on the Internet? Perhaps - but in an obscure corner.

It was LeVerre's intention to give the same delightful and enthusiastic attention to the icons of Western intellectual history, as was given to rock stars -and to speak in the lingua franca - which is today posters and tshirts, offered at single, simple, affordable pricing

The treatment was to be both serious and with a touch of wit - each boutique features a selection of shirts, posters, and other items which poke the subjects in the ribs, usually with a deft touch.

That it has worked is on display at and the studio boutique websites.

As for the future?

As LeVerre responded in an email: "The future ... is found in the past".


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